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So, if you missed The Score back in '96, you pretty much missed the biggest crossover since, uh, OutKast, and that's a shame - Wycleff works well with a lady whom i think to be one of the most talented out there, Lauryn Hill, and Pras....well, he doesnt fuck it up most times, anyway.

If you did hear The Score: good for you, but check out "Blunted on Reality" sometime, their first album aint bad.


Anyway, years later, theyre finally reuniting, and it feels so good. Assuming this link works, check out their first reunion single:


The Fugees - Take it easy.mp3

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Man, again, biggest crossover group since OutKast, and people got nothin to say...


fuck happened?! there was like 2 singles, some talk of lauryn hill having troubles, and the alubm fell through? wikipedia doesnt really know past the last single, either...

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