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One ordinary day is passing by, and then it happens. you died. Tragic, the classic life flashing before you eyes, your regreats, anger, denial... and then... you are locked in an apartment in Tokyo?!?!


You died, but thanks to some odd gadget of unspecified orgin you were perfectly duplicated and geared to hunt aliens for points. Points which will buy you a second chance at life. This is the game Gantz dropped into. There's a lot of moral debates but enough action to have you coming back for more. It has it's flaws, but not bad enough to let me walk away unhappy. Here is a site if you want to check it out some. I rate it a nice 3/5 :frenchy:


More info here...

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Well, I haven't seen the anime yet, but I have read all available manga for it. It's a pretty intense, graphic series. Since onemanga pulled it offline due to licensing, I've been thinking about watching the anime, just don't know anyone who has it or where to download it easily. ( too tired to hunt p2ps for it )

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My bro Losifer recommended this one to me and I enjoyed it. It was pretty damn graphic. I started reading the manga on OM but then I got kind of bored somewhere in there. I did check out the anime, the first couple of episodes or so, pretty faithful to the manga... my bro says to stop watching it at episode 22 because it falls off from the original plot. I'll have to check it out again.


Los recommend these sites for the following:

check out the anime here.

check out the manga here.

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