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Scary Kids Films

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Remember watching films as a kid that at the most scared the be-jeezus out of you, and got you crawling into mums and dads bed that night? Some you weren't meant to watch on late-night TV, but some were actually MEANT FOR KIDS.


Prime example #1:


Watership Down











Not a kids film, but not afraid to say another one that kept me up a few nights was Tremors







Arghh! My eyes!

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Alas, my parents didn't much care for me to watch "scary movies" when I was a child (or movies that they thought would scare me. I didn't see The Black Cauldron until I was almost 20. So very sad). I had to get my fix elswhere. Love horror movies now, though.

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2 childhood faves of mine...





Clash of the Titans








** On Saturday afternoons in the Massachusetts area, I used to love the Saturday Creature Feature Afternoon on TV, The Creature from the Black Lagoon,Godzilla,Dracula -you name it... All monsters, All day...those were the days... :whip:

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