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ok, so here's the thing: i gots no $. I had to sell my PS2 to make rent last year, and even then, i managed to get ripped off on it, sadly. If it wasnt for SB's genorosity lending me some gamecube games earlier this year (comin back in a wee bit, honest injun), i woudlntve played shit this year.


So, I got the next week or 2 of some vacation, before crazy shit like moving, roadtrip with :blink: , paramedic courses next semester, etc. and I realize...i missed out a lotta great games, last year or so, not havin a PS2. WhoDey, :howyoudoin: that he is, is lending me his whilst he's outta town, on the conditon that i play GTA: San Andreas...yeah, he's twisitng my arm here.


Now, i like finishing games i start, when i can. But here's the thing...again, only 2 weeks, and a lotta games need playing, many of them, completion. Here they be:


Xenosaga 2

Metal Gear Solid 3

(these 2, im gonna try to bum offa Bishop, if he'll let me, and i have to finish them. I have to. I fucking love these series, and when screenshots of the next sequels - finales, possibly for both - start showing up, i know im behind).


games i want to play a while, not necessarily beat:


GTA: San Andreas

God of War

That, uhm, kata darcy something? one where you roll around in a ball collecting the world....might have to rent it if i cant find it, looks like fun tho. Im a sucker for innovative shit, big fan of PaRappa. goddammit, i mean this game


so yeah, this thread is here to a) show Bishop that my vacation partly rests in his hands, and b) ask fellow hondonians what other PS2 games i should at least try out during this window of time. I just found some chick who knows how to rent games & burn them to the PS2 drive, which is awesome. And speaking of girls, if this plan doesnt happen, im gonna spend the next 2 weeks doing dumb things like getitng laid instead, and we all know that leads to me being really relaxed, and possibly infected/having babies. So yeah, what else did i miss out on without a playstatoin in '04/05?


the fucking ironic thing is that im holding out for a ps3 i also wont be able to afford, whilst my older brother, who hasnt played games since genesis, is pparently gettin a ps2 for christmas :ohface: i got his sega master system back in '86 by waiting six months till he got bored of it, i figure that plan may again work 20 years later.

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Xenosaga 2 skip it good to look at but sloppy gameplay


God of War play it till the the end you'll have fun


Katamari Damacy if you fucking call me you ass I'll give you both games to enjoy




the fucking ironic thing is that im holding out for a ps3 i also wont be able to afford, whilst my older brother, who hasnt played games since genesis, is pparently gettin a ps2 for christmas i got his sega master system back in '86 by waiting six months till he got bored of it, i figure that plan may again work 20 years later


You just gotta love karma. :howyoudoin:

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MM - havin fun with God of War, ill try for Collossus, dont know tho....and yeah, i should, but im kinda holdin out for PS3.


newtype - thanks man, ill hold you to that. ive been puttin in extra hours at work and kinda dissapearing over my break here, sorry i havnet called back yet, but will this week man. Bishop just lent me MGS 3, Xenosaga 2 (you know i gots to play it regardless), and that one i cant pronounce right. So i envision being home a lot now, when were not gettin ready to move.

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Here's my list for ya to check out.




1. Arc The Lad collection (Good for about 100 hours of gameplay)


2. Castlevania symphony of the night


3. Chorno cross


4. Dragonquest VII (Good for about 80 hours of gameplay)


5. Final fantasy VII


6. Final fantasy IX


7. Final fantasy antology (Final fantasy V + VI)


8. Final fantasy chronicles (Final fantasy IV + Chorno trigger)


9. Final fantasy tactics


10. Front mission 3


11. Ghost in the shell


12. Jojo's Bizarre adventure (They were on LSD when they made this game)


13. Lunar Silver star story


14. Lunar Eternal blue


15. Ogrebattle


16. Rhapsody


17. Sayuki


18. Sukoden I


19. Sukoden II


20. Super puzzle fighter


21. xenogears

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PS2 List


1. Arc the Lad


2. Atelier Iris


3. Bloodrayne 2


4. Burnout 3


5. Burnout revenge


6. Call of duty 1


7. Call of duty 2


8. Capcom Classic collection


9. Champions of Norrath


10. DDR Extreme (with dance pad)


11. Demon stone


12. Disgaea (If you want everything from this game you'll need about 400 hours of gameplay)


13. Darkcloud 2


13. Dragonquest VIII (with FFXII demo plus about 80 hours of gameplay)


14. Dynasty warriors 5


15. Final fantasy X-2


16. Front mission 4


17. Gladius


18. God of war


19. Growlanser Generations


20. Katamari Damacy


21. Killzone


22. La pucelle tactics


23. Leisure suit larry (For $10 I'll try any game)


24. Makai Kingdom


25. Mercenaries


26. Punisher


27. Radiata Stories


28. Ratchet n Clank going commando


29. Ratchet n Clank up your arsenal


30. Resident evil 4


31. Robot Alchemic drive


32. Robotech Battlefront


33. Samuria legend musashi


34. Samuria warriors


35. Serious sam


36. Shadow hearts 2


37. Sonic Mega collection


38. Star ocean


39. Starwars battlefront


40. Suikoden 3


41. Taiko drum master ( with drum)


42. Viewtiful joe 1


43. Viewtiful joe 2


44. We love katamari


45. Wild arms (a remake of the first game from the PS1)


46. X-men legends 2


47. Xenosaga 1


48. Xenosaga 2 (Someday I will beat this game. I need to get over the sloppy gameplay)


49. Y's (those fuckers pissed me off with that april fool's joke a few years back :fuming:)

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Gamecube list


1. Baten Kaitons


2. Donkey Konga 1 (with bongo's just like a hippie)


3. Donkey Konga 2


4. Fire Emblem


5. Legend of zelda collectors edtion


6. Legend of zelda Wind waker


7. Mario golf


8. Mario kart


9. Megaman anniversary


10. Metroid prime 2


11. Paper mario


12. Phantasy star


13. Prince of persia


14. Skies of arcadia


15. Super smash bros


16. Tale of symphonia (Rpg with 4 people fighting monsters at once, all you need is 4 controllers)


17. X-men legends

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Gameboy list


1. Final fantasy dawn of souls


2. final fantasy tactics


3. Fire emblem 1


4. Fire emblem 2


5. Golden sun 1


6. Golden sun 2


7. legend of zelda (The one from the snes)


8. Legend of zelda The Minish cap


9. Lufia


10. Lunar legend


11. Metroid zero


12. Metroid Fusion


13. Mr. Diller 2


14. Phantasy star collection


15. Riviera


16. River city ransom


17. Super mario 3


18. Sword od mana


19. Tactic ogre


There you go Shooter. You see anything you like you let me know. Wait did I say Shooter I mean Nick

yeah I meant to say Nick. That make's 105 game's with more on the way. I'm sure I have something you want to play. Later Liefeld. I mean Nick. Damn why do I keep doing that

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  • 1 year later...

IGN just ran a top 25 PS2 game list, and like much from IGN, i dont agree with parts of it, thought id see where others stood. Here's the top 10, then my qualms:


10) Burnout 3: Takedown

9) Twisted Metal: Black

8) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

7) Guitar Hero

6) ICO

5) Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence

4) Shadow of the Colossus

3) Final Fantasy X

2) Grand Theft Auto III

1) God of War


Mind you, theyre rating based on what theyve influenced and such, but even so...im not touching Burnout, Twisted Metal or other games i havent really played.


1) Suikoden III at # 24? V was infinitely better, and got nothing here. Its not a recent release either, mind you.

2) Okami should be higher up, RE4 as well.

3) The biggest problem with their top 5...FF X? Not XII? Mebbe its too recent...but God of War? Are you kidding? Its a good game, no doubt, but what does it do that Onimusha, Devil May Cry etc didnt do before...? At least the Gamecube one went a bit better.

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I have GTA: SA but sadly the rating on the cover is wrong, it should've read AO not M so I'd feel awful sending you such filth.


In other news Def Jam: Fight for New York is the best worst game ever (think Rocky Balboa in convinient vidjogaaam form), you know you want it. Hit me up for a chat, your biggest fan, this is Stan.

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