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This was a fun series, got a bit of acclaim last year, too - some issues i dug more than others, ill talk more about that later, wanna see more reactions to it first. Here's info on the series:


DEMO is being promoted as a superhero book. To be a little more accurate, it’s a book about people with superpowers. And not like you've seen before. And that’s a good thing.


To start things off, here's the Previews solicitation text:


"DEMO describes an incomplete product, something in beta, being worked on, trial runs, imperfect, first generation... Such are the DEMO characters: born wrong, flawed, doomed to struggle to adulthood and sort themselves out the best they can, totally on their own. Whether it's a curse, or a blessing - it’s entirely up to them. After all, being different is sorta like being unique, right?"


I think the beauty of DEMO, and what makes it unique, is how I am focusing hard on these characters and their ____ ups, really getting macro on them, dissecting them and the people around them, putting a hyper real spin on their "powers". One of the issues I have with superheroes in comics, is no matter how real they may be written, the reactions of people around them is never real. Take, for example, telekinesis. A young girl who is able to move things around with her mind, but she can't control it yet. She breaks stuff, almost kills herself in the process. Her mom freaks out. The doctors are stumped. The shrink is clueless, so he numbs her down with massive doses of mood stabilizers. Problem under control. That's what would really happen.




DEMO #1 - "NYC"


"Meet Marie, a teenage girl with a violent strain of involuntary telekinesis. Kept under control and pliant by heavy mood stabilizers administered by her oppressive and unsympathetic mother, she escapes the suburbs with her boyfriend Mike for New York City and the freedom and happiness it offers her."


Until the kid gets sick of being numb and stupid every day of her life and fights back.


PDF preview of issue # 1: http://www.newsarama.com/BrianWoodWeek/demo1_pages.pdf




That’s' about as "superhero" as its gonna get. Its there, but there's more, ya know? It's blunt and real and it's what you expect from me as a writer. Each of these 12 issues is self-contained, and the emphasis is placed on the titles of the stories and not the numbers. Think of it as 12 very short graphic novels.


Future storylines include:


"Bad Blood" - an estranged family is brought together at a funeral, and bitter and angry Samantha Hurley confronts her half brother about past wrongs, and in the process finds out something wonderful and unexpected about the family genes she carries.





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Anyone else that enjoyed this book should check out Local, its about 3 or 4 issues into its 12-issue span, just like Demo. I read # 1, "Ten Thousand Thoughts Per Second", and it was a good book, here's what its about:


A new 12-issue series from the co-creator of the critically acclaimed DEMO! We all come from somewhere, and whether it's the big city or a small town, it's part of what makes us who we are. Some people spend their whole life trying to escape, others never want to leave. Each self-contained single issue of LOCAL sees everyday people faced with life-changing choices that will affect not only themselves, but their friends, family, and the community they live in as well. Issue #1 introduces us to Portland, Oregon resident Megan McKeenan as she finds herself in sticky situation she needs to get out of, fast. In that crucial split-second, Megan lives out the possible repercussions of her choice. Mature Readers.


"Perfect three-minute single. You're going to want this one. Trust me." - Warren Ellis


Ellis is right: again, each issue is its own single story, and theyre universally good across the board. I look forward to getting caught up on this series, and Wood just started up another one with IDW (he ususally works with Oni) called Supermarket, found the first issue...ill post on it as well when i read it.


Newsarama also says:


LOCAL is a new 12 issue series by critically acclaimed writer Brian Wood (DEMO, POUNDED, THE COURIERS) and Ryan Kelly (LUCIFER) . LOCAL will feature stand alone issues, each focused on normal people in extraordinary, life changing situations. Each issue takes place in a different town, with the town playing as much of a role as the characters themselves. The series will debut in November, and continue on a monthly basis.
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...did anyone ever download/check out this book?


2Track, Silent Bob - seriously, there's some short stories here i think you guys might dig. Youre either gonna think its just shy of arthouse wank or really good writing like i did, and im mad curious to see which of the two itll be.

Ill be posting a link to the issues of DMZ soon too, i really wanna get more people into this writer.

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If you're reading this then you're wasting time away from some pretty interesting/entertaining short comic stories. GO pick this book up, NOW!


When you are about to read the last story in this book, Listen to "BLue and Yellow" by the Used. I think it fits well with the story...

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man, cool to see life on this thread, same week as Local and Supermarket come out, no less.


Im really glad Sen enjoyed it; NT, i got the trade if you wanna read it, and i can show you where i got it cheap.

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