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NFL 05/06 season championships


Who will win the AFC / NFC / Super Bowl  

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OK sports fan,


The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks are en route to battle for the AFC championship and the right to attend the Super Bowl. Whilest the NFC championship attenders will be decided later today.


Todays bout will be amongst the Pitsy Steelers visiting the Indy Colts and their domed heaven with a kick off time at 1300 hours eastern standard time. The later evening battle is to take place in the windy city with the Tinsel Town Bears hosting the Carolina Panthers. The battle begins on the lakefront at 1630 hours, eastern standard time with a temperature of 29*F.


Who do you pick to win the AFC and NFC titles and who do you think will be super and games end of Feb 5th claiming the National title?

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I believe the Seahawks have pleased themselves and their followers this year with great progress. I think it will lead them to the Bowl with experienced direction of former Green Bay leader Mike Holmgren.


The Broncos have plenty of experience and ability, but I think they will sit this one out.




I am a strong supporter of Peyton Manning ever since his days with college University of Tenn. I believe their momentum will carry them (Colts) into the Super Bowl, just to cap off their outstanding season.


Steelers almost always goes to battle with their best efforts, but generally dont make it to the promise land. The Bears have made a complete 180* within the past few years and have found themselves one of footballs best, when they were one of, if not, the worst just a few years ago. Panthers have made great progress since their debute just a few handful of years back, but I don't think they will come out on top.


I will reorganize my answer if certain outcomes differ after todays games, but I believe the Colts will go all the way.

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Well the Colts missed the field goal for the last minute tie...



Steelers won.


I guess I need to change my predictions.


I would like to see Seattle Seahawks go all the way now... under dog it is.


The Seahawks or the Bears... either or

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since I own a 51 inch widescreen tv... I will be hosting a lil gathering. Will be grilling some meat like kings and tossing back a few beverages like ignorant college students. Wish you guys could make it up here! I really gotta pinch the lower portion of florida so that seminoel county and miami-dade are next to each other!

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