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SIN CITY Unleashed

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Sin City Unleashed




Hey guys… Without a doubt, and I’m a movie maniac as well.

I cannot think of one picture other than SIN CITY that has been emblazoned

into my mind forever. I simply love this movie from beginning to end.

The sights, the sounds, the story, the characters

all come to life are simply amazing for both an action movie fan and comic aficionado.

I have not picked this particular copy up but am thinking about it as I have played my original DVD version some 30 times already.

I was wondering what SB, IC, RA, Jax, 2T and other SIN CITY fans think about this re-released Uncut Director’s Version DVD think…





Below is a somewhat recent review of this Frank Miller spectacular I found online with some screens.


"Walk down the right back alley in Sin City, and you can find anything...."




The 2005 film-noir thriller "Sin City" from Dimension Films, originator Frank Miller,

and directors Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino created a minor sensation

around the country, an essentially old-fashioned black-and-white gangster flick with an episodic "Pulp Fiction" flair and decidedly graphic, contemporary action.

But it was also a little hard to follow, and its initial bare-bones DVD presentation

did little to satisfy its most-demanding public. So here is the promised

two-disc special edition, recut, extended by twenty-three minutes, and unrated, along with the original theatrical version and a host of extra features.

If there's anything more its fans could want, short of a whole different picture, I can't think what it might be.


NICE-------> Comes with a copy of the graphic novel !!!





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The new dvd is fantastic. It's got two discs. One has the original theatrical version of the movie (because there was nothing wrong with it) along with three great commentaries - one with Rodriguez and Miller, one with Rodriguez and Tarantino and one really cool one that is a recording of the audience during the movies premiere in Austin. It's really cool watching the movie with audience reactions, though this particular audience has an obsession with "woo"ing just about everything. "Mickey Rourke's name! WHOOOO!" The second disc has all four stories (for the record that's The Hard Goodbye, That Yellow Bastard, The Big Fat Kill and The Customer Is Always Right) divided into separate sections so you can watch each story as a standalone, with new footage seamlessly edited in. Each story has some pretty juicy bits added back in so they're all worth watching. On top of that, spread out over both discs are more special features than you can shake Gladys at. My personal favorite is a green-screen presentation which lets you watch the entire movie at about 4x speed without any of the special effects. It's pretty cool to see just how little they had to work with. And all of that is packed into one of the best looking dvd packages I've ever seen that includes a miniature copy of The Hard Goodbye right in the dvd case! Anyone who liked Sin City should pick it up, even if they have the other crappy bare-bones version.

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Sin City gets the super awesoem version after a few months, how many years before we get The Whole Bloody Affair version of Kill Bill?

I agree, Started a thread on KB DVD set.




In other news, I just saw online...


The Quentin Archives


Sin City Recut best DVD of '05

Friday, 06 January 2006

In the opinion of this website, Rodriguez' Sin City was easily the best film of 2005 and the new "recut and extended" DVD set is easily the best DVD of 2005. If you want to know a bit more about the DVD, I suggest you read an excellent review over at The Hollywood Reporter (click!) or indulge into our message board topic (here) . Or go straight to our Sin City DVD page where you find a link where you can buy this glorious baby right away (click!)


To sum up, the DVD set offers both the theatrical as well as a new recut extended cut of the film, several audio commentaries, loads of extras, Tarantino commentary and documentary, the usual Rodriguez 15-minute film school and much more, as well as the complete graphic novel "The Hard Goodbye" which served as basis and storyboard to the film. You can get this DVD for about 25 dollars at amazon.com (click here to buy and support this website) .

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