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Shin Onimusha 4: Dawn of Dreams


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My bro Downloaded Onimusha 4! We have flip top on our PS2, which enables us to play burned games. (Awesome!)


This game is set to come out here in the States, I believe, March 14th this year... Rent it, Download it, Steal it...


If you played the series and enjoyed them thus far, you will enjoy this one for sure. Here are some of the cool new things about this game:


1. It has its RPG elements. You basically level up your character as you kill monsters.


2. Not only do you level your weapons and armor like in previous games, you level your character's abilities! Pretty kick ass, methinks... (As you level you receive one point in which you then use to level up an ability such as: attks, criticals, gaurds, and absorb).


3. You get to play interchangeably with the main character and others (so far I've seen three characters, but I believe there are five, including the main guy).


4. There are about 30 weapons for each character! You can also level each weapon as pleased.


5. They still have the cool ass Dark Realm challenges (which are ubber hard!), but in this game they have new challenges called "Test of Valors". Here you basically have to accomplish tasks by the time given. Then you get an item depending how good you did. You either get Gold, Silver, or Bronze Metals. (Usually gold gets you cool weapon).


6. You can pretty much go back to almost any stage of the game. This can be cool in case you missed items, or didn't get to finish a challenge.


7. The story line touches previous Onimusha Games... Which is cool cuz they'll reference certain things that make you wonder...


Some negative points about this game:


1. The voice over isn't too good. (Like in most games, Heh.) But you'll get used to it...


2. Perhaps a bit more variety in powers could be cool...


Honestly, over all this game is pretty fun. You'll enjoy it if you're into Action RPGs. I'd like to hear what you guys have to say about this one once you've played it, if you haven't yet! :???:




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i keep thinking i need to go finish part 3 before playing this, but its not like youre into them for the plot, cause if so, i forgot what 1 and 2 were about, but i know it had to do with demons, souls, and a panda suit.


this did indeed look cool, what i saw of it...the multiple characters/weapons and RPG elements are nothing but good.

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Well... First two levels are slow... it's the begining of the game so things pick up eventually... I'm sure you've already gotten the chick in your team, she's fun: ON so Many Levels. ^_^


My brother erased my game!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAaahhhhhhh and I was already half way done with this game... bah... Guess I'll have to start again sometime later... after I beat SH 1, 2, & 3. Plus I'm also trying to beat RE4...


AAHhhh my brother sucks. THey erased my games before, it happened with Kingdom Hearts. I was already close to the end, my weapon was strong, my character was ready to battle Sephiroth, bah... so I said fuck it I wasn't going to start over again.... I just saw my brother beat it and watched his ending. :2T:

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I wanna love this game, cause you hyped me up for it, but it sucks kid.


It sucks big time.


Like this...




hehe, well sorry you think so dude. I haven't finished it yet, and from what I've played it was cool. I'll let you know my final opinion once I've completed it. Btw, yeah, what didn't you like about it?

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The cam angle sucks, first off.


I liked the fixed cam angle in the first 3, 'cause you already have to "Octopus" the contoller as it is without R1'n through entire general battles. The "semi-free" cam in this one is just not tweaked right.


The Japanese "Kiddie" soundtrack.


The "Girl" character is kinda weak.


The dude the hangs from the sky in the sack, just no flow in continuity.


Monotinous (sp?) and lack of real combos like for example in, God of War.

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