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Creature Tech by Doug TenNapel was fun at it's funnest! Good stuff!


Michael is a scientist that works at "Creature Tech" (as the locals call it), a facility that does supernatural reaserch for the government! When the Pentagon ask that a certain crate get examaned first before the rest, craziness ensues and now Mike's got an alien symbiote creature that's bonded with him and is keeping him alive (not like the Marvel type)! Now with his new powers, he's gotta stop a crazy zombie from distroying the world with Demon Cats and a giant eel!


This book was fun from begining to end! Check it out!

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looked this one up a bit on :eh: say-so, made trade of the week on The Trade Paperback list...


Creature Tech (Top Shelf; w & a Doug TenNapel). [From Top Shelf: Good battles Evil, and the world hangs in the balance! Resurrected by the Shroud of Turin, the zombified Dr. Jameson intends to finish what he started 150 years ago - destroying the earth with a giant space eel. Standing in his way is Dr. Ong, a would-be pastor turned scientist who now works in a government research facility infamously known as "Creature Tech." Aided by an unlikely cast of rednecks, symbiotic aliens, and a CIA-trained mantid, Dr. Ong embarks on a journey of faith, love, and self-discovery. All in a day's work at Creature Tech!


im gonna try to find the scans, panch you got this to borrow?

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