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Look how extra nice I am to you Nick, here is my second post to help you out.  If that UN professor that you are so worried about is Jeanne Kates, I had her for World Prospects and Issues.  She is a genuinely nice lady, but she is quite boring.  She speaks in monotone, and all your writings (5-10 page papers) are supposed to come strictly from lecture and class notes.  She makes you write those notes and allows no more than 2 absences she claims - but she never stuck to it.  She kind of puts you in a sleep trance with her manner of speaking.  Its monotone but really fast.  She is somewhat picky about your writing, but overall she was a nice teacher.  I got an A.  Hope this helps.

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damn...was there really that much trollin before, that its a giant x-files conspiracy now?  

Ah well.  Thanks for the help, Satchmo, ill havta think bout it.  It was between that and the wine technology class, and while U.N. debates are fun, i dunno if i can pass a class on how to get tanked.  Either way, oughta be an interestin semster, except i gotta take "Philosophy of gawdamn feminsm", not lookin forward to that 'n.

Tho i might take Bacchus' idea and just play devil's advocate, givin the John Wayne perspective the whole time & hopin for the best.

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