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Big, Pink Bunny


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Kirby wonders whether or not kirby should protect stupid kids from big pink bunny?  What do cowboy's think?  hmm...Kirby's can relate to hungry bunnies.  Kirby is very hungry....gassp...growl...tummy very empty.  If kirby don't get food soon....cowboy will be poking a dead kirby with a stick. :D

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Hey! I just fed you...here's some more nummy pasta & shrimpys *tosses barrel to kirby*.  No pokin dead Kirbys!

And as for the purple-haired girl...yeah i spend too much time here but i get most of those links from Penny Arcade, they take the time to sort thru a bunch that are sent their way, i just sort thru their 4 or 5 & post the good ones here, so its not an all day excursion.  And i could so live without this thing, its been one big $ dump since i got one, i just like talkin with alla you....'sides, i couldnt feed Kirby without it, could I?

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I think that one of the hardest times for you was when your computer was on the fritz the time you moved in with me.  But then again...you used my computer just as much.  I think the only time that you can go days without the computer when you are in Atlanta or Fort Worth and without a computer.  So  :p   that's the only time I got's cowboy's full attention.  :D

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