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Ghost Dog; The Way Of The Samurai

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This is one of my favorite films, ever. The soundtrack is done by a complete legend in the form of the Rza,


The lead in the film is played by Forest Whitaker, most noteably in Phonebooth.


The general jist of the film is;

an African-American hit man follows Hagakure: The Way of the Samurai. He lives alone, in simplicity, with pigeons, calling himself Ghost Dog. His master, who saved his life eight years' ago, is part of the local mob. When the boss's daughter witnesses one of Ghost Dog's hits, he is expendable. The first victims are his birds, and in response, Ghost Dog goes right at his attackers but does not want to harm his master or the young woman. On occasion, he talks with his best friend, a French-speaking Haitian who sells ice cream in the park, and with a child, with whom he discusses books. Can he stay true to his code? And if he does, what is his fate?



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I gotta watch this one again to really know.


I wanted to love it, cause Hagakure's one of my favorite books, RZA's one of my favorite artists, and i think Whitaker is an underrated actor, some cant look past his weight or lazy eye or whatever, but see him in Eastwood's Bird, Shiled season 5 etc, he's good.


But it struck me as the same kinda cult one like Brother (the Takeshi yakuza one) or Boondock - youre either gonna love it or not, and i was left kinda up in the air. Im down to watch it again tho, this was years ago & all.


Good thread tho DoJ.

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ive a feeling this is all the life its going to get... but he is a very underrated actor, and its a very odd choice that they'd use someone more likely to play american football to play a stealthy ninja, it just adds more intrigue and oddity to a very complex and very well produced and written film, brother, is very good but i am yet to see boondock, i might have a look around for it...

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