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I'm heading over to England for the next few days, won't be posting till Monday. I'm heading over to see 'System of a Down' live, concert review may follow if I can remember enough of it!

Apology in general to anyone's threads I've busted in on and won't be able to follow thru on (Nick's American/European comics for example), but I do have a good excuse:

Can't post this weekend, I gotta ROCK!!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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coool, System of a down ROCKS live.  Saw em down here right before they released toxicity, they're insane.  Have fun.


"I buy my crack I smack my bitch right here in hollywood (drugmoneyisusedtorigelectionsandtrainbrutalcorperate-sponsereddictatorsaroundtheworld!!!!!!) They're trying to build a prison!"


:D    :D

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I'm back now, I was in Manchester Stimp.


System were fantastic, if I can write a review I will do. Unfortunately they didn't play Shimmy, that's one of my favourites too, it and Forest were the only songs from Toxicity they didn't play.


Anyway I'm off to catch up on sleep! :D

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