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So, while Junker was in town recnetly (still is, i think), we had a small premier of his new short film "Jackpot Fever" over at Chief's place. It's about 10 minutes, directed/cast/edited of course by Junker, and features another great hondonian cameo as well.


Its a simple story of an old cuban man's source of happiness. Thankfully, its subtitled.

Like his previous "The Game" projects, its sadly too large to post on our servers, but it came out great, and he's submitting it to a few spanish film fesitvals as well - its why he's been absent lately, and it was well worth it.


Chief & I were both left copies, and I showed it today to La Lindsay & Senshik. Anybody else local who wants to see it, just let me know; the rest of you, ill happily make copies & try to get it sent off over the break. It was only slightly choppy (done from a mac) at one part, and when viewed with VLC media player, was just fine - ill test it in windows media soon as well.


Congrats to Junker on a jorb well done, and here's to hearing some director's commentary on it as well.

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