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I never heard of it until I read the review over at the Filthy Critic




He loved it and he only likes about 2% of the movies he reviews, so that's saying something.

The star, Gael Garcia Bernal, of course, I know. Very talented. almost talented enough to make you forget how smokingly hot he is. (almost)


Seems like a fun concept for a movie too and the critic praises the way the diector gets a lot out of his small budget

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It's directed by Michel Gondry of Eternal Sunshine and Music Video fame. It's mostly english, with lots of French adn a little Spanish. It's about a Mexican kid coming to visit his mother living in Paris. He speaks no French, btu speaks English, and the Parisans in the movie speak no Spansih, so when he's speaking with them, it's mostly in English, and when teh Parisian speak among themselves, it's mostly in French.


Very good movie. Very surreal. Everyone in my group at the end thought it was very sad, but I was not effected in that way by the film. Worth catching in theaters if you can, Jumbie.

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