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I says fuck the lines, if it means a good story insteada recycled crap! I dunno.  We'll talk bout this at the gym tonite, i wanna hear your lines before i jump the gun.

Still, youre crazy for wishin death on Ultimate Team-Up, its one of the most fun books out there in a long ass time.  Oughta be supportin it. :D

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i guess i should of had i known it was done by the spiderman crew i wouldn't have minded.

the lines are simply you start off with a charater point A now you want to improve this character you want him to be modern or reach par with the hot sellers go ahead fix 'em but in this journey of character improvement you never take away any of the trademarks example snake-eyes has those visors across his face now i think they suck ass i could either improve upon them or say fuck it no visors now the rest of him sould be fixed up too right i cann't write a character that can't talk now he'll talk just cause i can go deeper with it and you know he's my money maker then the final touches would include a better uniform and a wider varity of martial arts wow snakes is pretty fucking bad now the gi joes use him all the time and here we are at point B at this point you must go back to the original character and decide is this the same guy that i started with or not i'd say no it's not it's a new character so you might as well name him some thing else cause his trade marks where all taken away in one sitting just like the new gun-ho action figure/doll that ain't gun-ho.

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