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when cowboys didn't dance they fought



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I know you're a bunch of illiterate fucks, but I'm still shocked that no one included Roland of Gilead, the Gunslinger from Stephen King's Dark Tower, in this poll.


He is THE badass. One time he had to fight a non firearm battle and chose a falcon as his weapon.


He shoots left just as well as right (handy, since he lost the shooting finger on his right hand in one of the books)


And he's trained his whole life as a gunslinger.

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Hmm...im guessin this guy got left of 'cause

1)He sounds gay.

2)He's one of Jumbie's suggestions.

3)He comes from some Stephen King book, which for some reason, Jumbie thinks makes it interestin.

4)He's one of Jumbie's suggestions.

5)He ain't me.


That oughta tie that one up.......jackass.  The sheer number of cowboys, both fictional and historical, present - not mentionin the ones left of - and surprise, your sad ass can only think of the one from your small corner of the universe.  

Christ.  *In his most Tyler Durden-esque voice* "I say...Deliver me from literacy, wankiness, and the idea that makes me better!"

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deliver me from jumbie's crap ass ideas no wait baby come back ah fuck it go on then leave.

jumbie the reason some great fighters are left out is simply because no one puts they in the combatents section of fight club i made it to refer to from time to time also no one else makes up any fights i want you guys to my knowledge of characters is limited.

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