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Moore to leave MS for EA


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Kotaku broke the story today about Moore leaving.


While I might joke I dont' buy that it's for anything other and family reasons and it's a pretty sweet deal


The question is does this really mean anything for MS?


short term not a thing I would think but long term... I dont' know if you can really quantify what someone like moore brings to the tale

in terms of PR and leadership and he was very fun to listen too. The only way you could possibly track the effect is if MS's gaming division would either own the other consoles or go under, and since it's likely to either I put this down for it's a loss but perhaps not really a large one.


On the bright side we can now talk about how rats leave sinking ships and how EA is going to 360 exclusive :P

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heh...if he's a rat, he's dining on cheese to the tune of like a billion dollars, and i think anyobody'dve been a rat for that.


he mayve looked haggard at E3 but i think that does that to anyone. Shame, after him chasing Pac-Man off his car and his frankness in interviews, id rather taken to him, and dont know shit about the EA guy they traded for...anyway, enjoy your spot Moore, EA's been on autopilot for years so just sit back and sign the checks.


To the x-box fanboy, this might be something. to the true sony/nintendo fanboy, its more sad "ammunition". to your average buyer, i dont see it changing much of anything; i think the warranty and some other factors will be more evident in MS' strategy than anything. then again, im uncertain exactly how much pull this position brings - i dont think this is the guy who gets to say "yeah, let's drop the price of the system/online service" or whatever, i thought he was just the mouthpiece?


Idve said this, and moore (get it?!) at blog.far-shores.com but it shits on my comments!! and i had to ask george about Moore's sega tenure too....

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