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Spiderman loves Mary Jane


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I picked up issue one of this thinking it was one of the regular Spiderman books.


Boy, was I wrong. It's Marvel's apparent attempt to bring girls into comics. Did they choose to do this by making a strong, admirable girl character with problems and attitudes girls can relate to ?


Of course, not. This is comics, where women with 55DD boobs are lightweight. They created a man's image of a female, a bubblehead ditz who's bent on seducing spiderman for no particular reason except popularity.


And Marvel goes whole hog on this. The Mary Jane in this book is unrecognizable, She plots to put herself in danger so she can meet Spiderman, like some 1950's Lois Lane.


And, um, that's about all there is to this book as far as I can tell.


I can't imagine why more girls don't read comics.

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