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I use Titan Panel as well, it really REALLY makes for good game play and helps with at-a-glance information. I also use...

- MyRolePlay - An RP profile addon that other MRP and FlagRSP players can view, you can create a bit of lore and give a physical description for your toon as well as flag yourself as a roleplayer to other users

- Outfitter - Quick-change outfits or armor with some auto settings as well

- WIM Addon - WoW Instant Messenger - it captures your /Tells and puts them into a convenient tabbed window so you can keep track of who you're talking to. Death to the Mistell!.



I used to use the Cosmos suite, but it had a lot of addons that I never used and ate up a LOT of memory. CT is decent, but most people only use it for the CT_Raid addon. Both of them have some useful tools that you can download individually though, some of which are location and class-specific.

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