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Xenosaga intro


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Behold, the sequel to Xenogears, the single greatest RPG to every grace a console...comin to PS2 hopefully sometime in the next summer, more likely fall.

Anyway, found links to the incredible intro & a battle clip - be warned, those interested are lookin at 3-4 files of around 45 megs each, so be very patient or have GetRight.

Xenosaga Episode 1 intro

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Kirby thinks best game ever is Kirby's Dreamland.  Lots of Kirbys float across the clouds to kick some evil butt.  But Kirby likes Smash Brothers Melee too.  Kirby thinks zenogears sounds interesting...don't like idea of Miang that's what kirby meant taking Kirby bodies though.  Kirby thinks it sounds painful. :wary:

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Im assumin Kirby means Miang?

Dont worry, she can only posses females, not female Kirbys, i believe...argh, must spoil game for...ah fuck it no one's gonna play it.  Greatest console RPG, i swear.  Just wanted to let Junker & possibly George (gonna get him on the board one day i swear) bout the intro.

Good to have you back tho Kirby. :kirby:

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Haha...Kirby I like your editing. :D :kirby:


Ok found a much quicker DL site for those intros - that initial server was a bogged-down Signapore one, here's one from Japan thats got more bandwith.

Xenosaga intro + battle movie


Again, the intro is in 3 parts, and massive.  I can show it to anyone who wants if i still have room on my drive.

I wonder if anyone but my blue Kirby & Junker are readin this..?

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