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For those who didnt know, Maria & I are working for Editorial Ivrea now. We are going to be in charge of translating mangas into finnish language ^_^

Also we are the ones who coordinate most of the Finnish offices... Hell, WE ARE the finnish Ivrea offices.


How this happened?

Well its a funny story. One day appeared a post on Ivrea's Blog in wich Leandro Oberto (president & founder of the company) posted a picture of him in Helsinki. When I saw that the pic I recognized the place inmediatly, so I leave a comment asking what he was doing here in Finland. He answered me and told me that he was just visiting to know the place.

A couple of weeks later his brother, Dario, leaves a comment in my blog. Telling me that they didnt have my mail and wanted to knew a couple of thing to start some projects. This was a big surprise for me! I sent him an e-mail and we started to chat about lots of stuff. I started looking for distributors, logistic companys and a lot of thing that we needed to start things up.

Finally in the last days of January, Maria and I, met with Leandro and talked about lots of things (movies, comics, business, society, etc..) and we came to and agreement.

Now here we are, starting this job (wich is a dream... FREE COMICS!! :ohface: ), and very happy.


Untill now whe have 3 licensed mangas:


-Vagabond (starting in May)

-Mär (in may too)

-Love Celeb

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Yeah, i didnt know this either, but that's badass boogie! you guys are like professional fansubbers, heh. Any specific free loot youve managed so far? and yeah, i gotta look those other 2 series' up as well, but props on Vagabond, its great you're helping to spread that book.

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