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Counterstrike & Half-Life


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Tried playing Counterstrike today for the first time in a while and discovered I have to download a bunch of updates.


I have always used FilePlanet for updates usually but the queue is currently over three hous long waiting for the ruddy downloads.


There must be somewhere where the queueing is short or non-existent. There must be some players on here, help me!


"Fire in the hole".  :D

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Guest Yahve

fileplanet has it all.... i dont know why the queue is so crazy tho... some tourney comming up??  


counterstrike..... all good realism comes from good 'ol






hehe yes im an old fogey.

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ok, so...original Half-Life, right?


1) any good mods? i dont think that HD one (Black Mesa i think) got finished, might still wait on it.


2) in the beginning...

right so everything blew up and the scientists are dead, i took too long climbing up the elevator shaft and the guard was dead. there's too many walking zombie things and not enough bullets, but nowhere to go. gamefaqs says i was supposed to go around with that dude for a bit...do i just need to start over, or wha?


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PC, PSN, XBLA 2012




Marek ".PhP" Kadek is one of the players in seattle. This is what he wrote on Playzone.cz :

- this game is not going to replace CS 1.6, or CS:S, it is primary made for consoles, PC version is just kind of a "bonus"

- at the moment, the game looks more like HL2DM

- There is no recoil and there will never be. (because of the consoles)

- the game runs on L4D2 engine

- SourceTV is NOT a priority

- they are working on match making system

- new money system

- no kevlar (this should be fixed in the future)

- maps are simplyfied for XBOX style, less ways, most fights are close range

- Hidden Path (Valve only finances the game) is trying to make all weapons balanced.




Brought some fresh info from Seattle:

- The game is not to replace or CSS 1.6 ... been doing for the console to the pc it goes to the bonus. Want to continue Updating CSS

- Grenades are great

- As it is currently half life 2 deathmatch with a few css weapons

- Completely withdrawn recoil

- Is built on L4D 2 engine - t.j tick33

- Sourcetv is NOT a priority

- I'm working on Match Making Systems

- Maps are simplified ala XBOX style. Withdrawn a lot of corridors and rooms, terribly narrow and linear, most battles is to close.

- Kelvar withdrawn, completely redesigned system the money to ... for this to work, should be kelvar SPET

-is trying to use every weapon, not just AK and AWP. There are currently more than P90 IMBA weapon. A deagle

The whole time we have St. kontaktte with developers, write to our suggestions and the like, always being finally talk with all members (although much nobody except me and nookyho hudzga not involved). I really try, testified that I programmed all night to pofixovali what they are saying. On the other hand, some even do not know themselves what they want. Otherwise, they are champions of the Hidden Path Valve great, so we'll see how much you really want to do competetive game.


We play a very early version so it is too early for making hasty opinions. We get them to contacts, and our comments are taken into account in the future. This also applies to CS: Source.


Today is a little test program to change what he did during the night in th: go, then talk about cs: s, eventually baseball game.


Internet in the hotel is not the money so I hope to appreciate


i also read: no ADS, no regen health.

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