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So there is a new flick out called Penelope, and basically its how a girl has a pig nose and makes it become cool. I am really just posting this cuz the few people who know me well know I cant stand Resse Witherspoon, like at all. Her chin could poke someones eye out, or cut out some splinters when needed.


HOWEVER, I just saw a commercial for the flick, and hot damn. She plays this unappreciative hot bitch or so thats what I got out of it. Her hair was really cool in the flick too. It looks cute, so I guess I will ask a lady out to go see it. Anywho, hasta la bye bye.

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ok so I looked and looked and I couldnt find a pic of reeses hair in one of the screenshots that I am talking about. The ad just started to air so I am sure in the next few days more pics will be avail. Basically it was light and dark blonde hair in a few diff lil ties/pony tails. It was pretty hot , but anyways...

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Ben & I went to the premiere for this one on Saturday and I absolutely loved it...it was kind of like an "ugly duckling" type deal. Very good kids movie for little girls. I left there feeling pretty good...


Reese does good support in the movie, but isn't the star. In fact, she could've been out of the movie and I wouldn't have noticed. They gave out scarves just like the one she wears at the premiere...






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