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BRAVO Reality TV Series

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Inspired by Signal's thread about the new reality dance show on Bravo...


Use this space to discuss any Bravo Reality TV show...


Make Me A Supermodel



Top Chef



Real Housewives of Orange County



Real Housewives of New York


Step It Up & Dance


Work Out


Project Runway



Millionaire Matchmaker



Flipping Out


*No, I don't watch all of these...frankly, I don't have enough time...but I guess SOMEONE has all the time in the world to see them...

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Ok, so here goes me sounding gay.


I love Top Chef


I like Runway cuz it is very hard work and its awsome to see something go from bundled fabric to elegant masterpiece worn with confidence. I think Gilliain made the most wearable clothes out of the final 3. I think Rami made the most effort with his intracate designs, he had some awsome weaving designs put on clothes, very classy I though. Christians stuff was almost just variations of itself and the first 3rd of his collection was all black and simple I thought. His final dress, the dead bird outfit just made me think...




too feathery and yea... and the top left shoulder/arm portion looked like dead feather plucked free skin... just nasty. Alas, everyone else loved it. Bah, what do I know about fashion?


I tolerate Millionaire Matchmaker


I hate housewives


but I have to admit, I kinda like make me a supermodel. The work out lady scares me. I am glad that stupid hair show is gone or atleast I think it is... blowdry or something... he was annoying as hell.

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Shear Genius & Blowout


Sig, you mirror my opinions 100% on the fashions. I think Rami's gown's were stunning with the intricacies, however, that green was a major no-no and could be the reason why he lost to Christian...fierce!


I could see myself wearing some of Jillian's sweaters, so it wasn't so bad...


And I will quote the Chancellor about Christian's final look, "It looked like he grabbed a chicken and let it loose...YUCK!"--but that's fashion for you.


Top Chef is my fave, though. I loved watching the Miami season--that Fresh Market is right across the street from my office...it's a darn shame I was never over there when they were filming, but one of my co-workers was working there at the time. All I can say is, "It is what it is..." and "I'm not your bitch, Bitch!"


Millionaire Matchmaker...eh...if there's nothing on and Oxygen isn't playing Bridezilla's...


Housewives -- stab me in the eye with your stiletto!


The Work Out lady scares me too...


I haven't watched Make Me A SuperModel...Shear Genius wasn't so bad, it was just that there is only SO much you can do with hair...

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