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Looks interesting! I'm downloading this now.


Do you LJ, Maldron?


I have a journal at the same name, but I rarely if ever use the blasted thing. It was mostly a way to be an emo high school kid in high school, but now that I'm a VG/TV/Social junkie I tend to not bother to find the time to invest anything into it. Only person who it serves to inform really is my GF, who I talk to every day anyway.


Add me if you feel like it. Though I don't post often, I keep my friends page constantly open in case my massively unhelpful input is ever needed by anybody on my roster.l

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haha mine is mainly used for whining, bitching, and crying. I like reading up about people's lives, though, (and keeping in touch with those I don't get to talk to often) so if it's cool with you I'll add ya!


Here it is, the next day, and you haven't done jack! I'm somewhat hurt.

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