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Review your faviorate game too


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Here you get to review your faviorate game too. This site dosent have enough reviews so i am starting a section to review games and movies. I like playing Everquest online, my characters name is Fianer if anyoine else plays it too. I also like playing Diablo my character name is Fianer too.

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cant say i play everquest.....i try to stay away from crack..so i banned all everuest material from my computer and room.....



however since this section is for reviewing games...


i will review the latest incarnation of the classic sid mierirs game CIVILIZATION: CIV III ,OK i know there have been many claims from other companies to the rightfull succesion to the CIV line such as ...test of time ..call to power....alpha centari  et. hove i consider this game CIV III the bonified heir . sadly like like its previous incarnation the game  is bassically the same as the original except with better ggraphics.... the gameplay and basic concept are exactly the same as the origianal. that is not to say this game does not merit playing .... the original concept is so strong that this game is still fun to play even after 15 years of indulging yourself in the same concept via numerours incarnation of the the game.



they seemd to have dumned it down a bit which i'm say about .... but i guess its less complacated now... so any one can play it not just the hard core fans...

CIV III also has some cool new feautures and wonders such as the worker that u can automate ( no more spending endless time telling your massive legion of settelers what to build.) trade concepts have improved also.



I you're a fan u must have this game (downloadable off of morpheus) , if u have never played any CIV game and are intrested in doing so, then get this game insterad of the countless clone out there.

if u never liked games like simcity2000 where the gold is open ended or i u like a difinite structure to your games ....STAY AWAY!....

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Well, i had a thorough review of Silent Hill 2, but that was lost in the great crash of...early december.  It spanks Resident Evil in the horror department, great story, and damn scary if played in the dark.

-Luigi's Mansion is fun, but short. Some replay value warrants a purchase, if ya wanna see what the gamecube can do, but folks have been known to sit down at my place for a while and beat it in almost one sitting, so it stands as an amazing rental, anyway.

-Super Smash Bros:  More addicting than the last, with far more throwbacks to the days of NES.  Not only does hte multi-player function have tons of characters and levels to unlock, but the single player mode is completely redone: in adventrue mode, one must search a castle for the triforce before fighting Link and Zelda, or play through a level of Mario 1 before takin on the Bros and Peach.  It adds a great deal of replay value; a must buy if you have a gamecube.

-Metal Gear Solid 2 - Towers above the rest.  Go read my review on the other page.

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