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PS2 price drop


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Taken from Gameforms.com


Sony drops price of PlayStations

» Including that rectangular black one.

News | Monday, May 13, 2002 | Alex Fraioli [News Editor]


In a move previously scheduled for E3, Sony has announced that it will be lowering prices on both PS2 and PSone systems. The PlayStation 2 will now go for a suggested retail price of $199, with Sony's old-school machine ringing up as a paltry $49. The PSone/LCD screen combo will be available for $149, also a $50 drop.


Additionally, PlayStation accessories will also see a decent cost reduction. PS2 memory cards and Dual Shock 2 controllers are now both $24, with the original Dual Shock being priced at $19.



*on a side note - im told the X-box dropped in price as well to bout the same amount if youre interested in a lesser system; that makes all 3 (including Nintendo Gamecube) round the same price.  Its a good time for console games, tho id say the PS2 is still the best bet for the money right now, prolly will be for quite some time.

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Well despite the nay saying of bitter mr Junker here, PS2 has dropped the price of its early games - the 1st batch has now joined Sony's "Greatest Hits' Collection, retailing for @ $20/each, a great deal for Gran Turismo 3.

In addition, Japan will soon be seeing the premeire of the "Ocean Blue" PS2, as opposed to the old "Zen Black" one we all have, here it be.



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