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So i picked this up the other day.


Read here what Wiki have to say Linky


Read a couple of mixed reviews before i purchased and was weary of it being a flop.


But me and Nanno have been playing this pretty much nonstop the last couple of days, the 4 player local multiplayer is still there, but the addition of online gaming vs randomers from your continent or indeed world wide is great, were playing some crazy japs last night, man they're awesome at it, infuriatingly so. But the best feature which is again following from Mario Strikers is the friend code system, so if anyone picks this up they can add their friends.


Anyway. i'm off back to play again, but if any of you peeps pick this up, add me my friend code is 3136-6834-3200.


Definitely recommend this, infact this is the most my wii has been used when its not a drunken bowling alley at an Irish Chapter meetup!

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shit, ive been all curious, what with the mixed reviews. i banked on smash bros instead, might try this one later.


my history with mario kart...i mean, i adored the SNES one, and was mildly let down by the N64. New levels were ok, the battle mode wasnt as fun, and the whole handicap system of seemingly hooking up the last-place guy with awesome items while almost discouraging you from staying in 1st, eh, it really rubbed me wrong.


I kinda dug Double Dash for gamecube (borrowed it again today, actually) though i think the idea of riding shotgun and firing shells was an awesome one that couldve somehow been more fun...oh, and the blue hater shells? absolute bullshit.


Still, the DS one seems to have the best possible elements, for me, likely cause its closest to the SNES i wanna say. So for me, to add to that formula, this one can only bring 2 things to the table: 1 is motion controls, and i hear its not as bad as the wheel thing looks, so i do wanna give it a go and see if i somehow end up preferring that to the all-to-comfortable gamepad. the other element is online, and...look, having in-game friend codes is one kind of shit, but no chat of any kind, no way of knowing when youre friends are on or even playing? it feels kinda useless, which is a waste, cause a solid online mario kart sounds so cool im interested if they managed to keep the lag down, though.


so yeah, SOF, glad youre enjoying it, if no one over here picks it up im at least gonna rent it (if it brings the wheel?) but i do wish i was more hyped.

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I loved the SNES, GBA versions, and have also got the N64 through the VC on the wii.

Yes the blue shell is back, and boy is it annoying. So to is the apparent granting of good items to those at the back!


Two things you mention, 1st the motion controls to me are very gimmicky, and i'm using the classic controller now instead of the wheel, don't buy the wheel, save the $'s imo. The online play is fantastic, a great feature, similar to Strikers. We were playing against Jan's bro and sister online last night, no lag at all, very fast and frantic. Very like the local multiplayer. Though its a pity, and maybe they'll fix this with an update, is that the four multiplayers locally can't go on line together, its only two, which kinda sucks. You can tell when you're friends are online, as you go into your friends roster, and it tells you whos on, then you open a room where all your friends can come in. Its pretty solid, the no short messaging and voice is a bit of a let down, but who needs to hear some frenchie trash talk about croissants and the like!


You should buy it so i can rain the blue shells down on you! Heh or just wait and pick up a preowned copy.

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