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Alright, on KOS (and somewhat, Octopus)'s say so, i gave this one a go over the break, and after learnin how to handle things like buildin good shit, figurin out why my great weapons do 2hp of damage on certain creatures (there's a difference beteween blunted, piercing and edged weapons, i see), this one's been a blast, with more bosses than i could count.

Thing is - I'm at the part those 2 were talkin bout, the timed mine.  It @#$%in sucks...treasure chests all over that want a key i dont got, and while im handlin most of the enemies great (even those damn slimes! ), the mine truly is a bitch.  Cant wait to be past it, the story is gripping & gettin better as i go...i shouldve expected this from the folks who brought me FF Tactics.  If i had a complaint - other than the godforsaken mines - itd have to be the glaring lack of voiceovers; this thing would be badass with good voices, but then again Square didnt pull that off till FF X (another ive yet to finish).  

Anyway, just wanted to update a few of ya, and say thanks again for finally gettin me to play this great game, cant wait to see how it turns out.

PS KOS - im usin 2 of those FAQ's and one from IGN.  Its a trip, cause they all have different methods for the ass-kickin bosses.  By the way, where the hell is that treasure key?

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Again with the timed mine bashing!! It's not really that bad, just use your first go to map it a bit, scope out the dead ends that are as far as I remember all chest rooms, then use the map to get the quickest route thru. Remember you don't gotta kill everything in there, run past a few fights!


The Chest Key can be got shortly, when you get thru the timed mine, SAVE, there's about the toughest boss so far in the next room! I'm not gonna spoil it for you but when you beat that boss you get the Tearose Sigil, that gets you access to further down into the Iron Maiden B1. Go there, get by a couple of bosses (naturally!) and you'll get that key. It's worth the extra fighting, tho not essential, the Chest Key chests have some decent kit!


By the way, when you use Analyse, you get ALL the enemies stats, not just those immediately seen in Status, press square to see their affinity and type weaknesses, ideal for choosing weapon types!


Story keeps getting better Nick, tho I'm not sure whether voice-overs would have suited it.Very few games have good voiceovers, you just know Ashley Riot would end up talking like some punk kid like Ash from Pokemon! Noooooo!!! :0


Anyway, lemme know if you need any help, I can give you spoiler-free hints, you might see some on a walkthru.

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Very true...if youve played Xenogears, ya know Square can do some awful dubbin.  But then, when ya give FF X a go, you might change your tune.

Yeah, i hear Iron Maiden is the optional treasure dungeon, but i gots to get the damn key.  Tried "unlock" like 5 times before realizin it wasnt magic...

Thanks again, was wonderin why analyze didnt seem to do dick.  The guides are good but yeah, they can spoil, so check back here if ya can, im likely to have more questions by the weekend.  

Fuck, now that i learned how to construct good shit for better stats/affinity, m'boy's gettin the respect he deserves! Only one givin him shit was this one @#$%in gaurd back in town who kept uppin his str/equipment.  Hey lemme ask you, how many weapons did you typically carry? I hear staffs are good, but fuck it, i keep edged & piercing weapons only, and that soul kiss dagger for evil backup.  Did you keep any blunt/staffs around?  

Kinda wish PS2 would speed up the loadin time tho, tis a bit of a chore every time i remember what i forgot to store in the container.. :plain:

Hope the story keeps its pace, youre right so far - just gettin better & better.

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Forgot to reply on this, how're you getting on, did you go back to this IC?


First of all, found out FFX isn't out till fucking July!! As I said before, I think there's FFVI for sale for PS1 with a demo of FFX for cheap, I'll have to look for that!


As for weapons, staves are only good for magic casting not physical attacks so being a slash-em-up type of guy I didn't carry any. A lot of them are silver anyway, which you can't combine with Hagane/Iron/Bronze on first play anyway so it's very hard to get a good-stat staff together.

A good blunt weapon is the double-handed mace, good range, high damage, good against Undead, didn't use one till 2nd play tho.


Weapons on first play:

I carried round a one-hand sword for humans/phantoms, good for gem slots, easy to combo and you can use a shield so when you went up against the Elementals (Phantom class) you could put elemental gems to attack and defense.

I used a double-handed sword for beasts, no particular reason bar having a big fucking sword like Conan or shit! Plus one of the later ones is a Bastard Sword, broke my heart to have to forge it into another sword!

I used the Soul Kiss dagger myself for Undead/Evil, good weapon but being Silver you can't combine that either till second play (unless with other Silver knives which can be found near the Silver workshop late in the game, if you're keeping the dagger I'll tell you where to look).

Used a polearm for Dragons, tricky cos when you combine up they vary from edged to piercing but not much of a problem, excellent range.

Always carried a crossbow, not for fights but to destroy far away boxes that impeded jumps. Occasionally could be used for fights if you could stay out of an enemies range, rare tho.


That's it really, second play I messed around with other types, axes are good but just about the same as the swords, used a double-handed mace a lot...


Hope you stick with it! Just wondering what chains do you use, and have you got the hang of it?

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Wow...thanks again, guess ill havta carry that crossbow for certain puzzles then.

My chanis are primarily at this point, to hit, then poison, then hit again for 70% or so, then lightly hit & absorb HP....sadly i made most of my new chain abilities defensive, need to see what the better offensive ones are.

What else should i work on? I gots a bunch of somewhat useless defensive ones to block 50% of all elementals, i somehow thought that'd be handier than it is.  Ah well....what should i pump the chains into, more offensive? What can you do at your ridiculous level?

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I'd normally use:

Defense, 'reflect damage' and 'reflect magic' unless there's some pretty powerful attacks that risk killing you.

Offense, 'absorb magic'/'heavy shot' combo, then use the gained MP to cast heal.

I've got all the chain abilities but I can't remember anything else being as effective.

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Fear not, weekend comes soon, then its back to the timed mines...ill update then.  Thanks again for alla help....the game's badass now that i know what the hell im doin. It sucked when my handmade weapons like Sword of the Badass, Neisword, Spear of Longinus, Axe of Medicority/Golden Axe etc would do 1 pt of damage to certain creatures, before i realized the difference between edged/piercing/ etc.

PS Dunno, i dont steal magic for health, tho i can see where itd be helpful.  Usually, i can just win a fight, heal like mad, hang for a minute and wait till MP comes back, then move onto next screen.

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Cool (but a little dorkish) weapon names! The Axe of Mediocrity, love that one!


Went for Dotanuki (literally 'sword that cuts thru torsos', in deference to Lone Wolf and Cub), Beastslayer (the cheesiest broadsword name ever!  :D ), Nagamaki (another LW&C reference), Soul Reaver (Soul Kiss used for Undead/Evil) and, em, Krossbo (well I ran out of ideas! What the hell are you supposed to call a crossbow anyway) myself!


PS. Waiting for your magic to fill up, that's cheating, tho I used that myself! Later fights tho you'll really need to use degenerate and tarnish against enemies, heracles and prostasia for yourself AND heal, so robbing magic don't hurt!

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I know you're too busy with finals to go near VS at the moment but since I went back to this I felt like posting on this thread. I'm about 50% thru the game I think, if you didn't go back to your game since you'd be at about 40%, so if you get time to go back to it it'll be fresh in my mind if you want help.



Its pretty cool this time round, first time I played I spent a bit of time deliberately getting into fights to get kit to combine, this time I'm making do with what comes my way, just to keep it a challenge. My equipment isn't too bad anyway!


And just to piss you off, I didn't even have to do the timed mine! There is another way thru! :D

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?? Oh you slut...no fair!

Nah, when finals are done im off to Texas for a week, then its VS time, gotta finish that one before i manage to import Shenmue II.

Sounds like youre doin pretty good - do you sepnd a lotta time just loadin the chest inventory, too? Sometimes i think i could read a fuckin book waitin on that, minor complaint tho.

Ill get back to ya soon as there's problems.  PS some quick background on my dorky weapon names!

NeiSword = Ultimate sword in "Phantasy Star" series.

Spear of Longinus = I forget where in the bible, twas a spear touched by the hand of god that could kill demons or somethin, the details were cool, but sketchy.

The story's gettin pretty interestin tho, i expected no less from the team that brought out "Final Fantasy Tactics".

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Spear of Longinus sounds cool, I'll have to look that up sometime. Was there a 'Sword of the Badass' and an 'Axe of Mediocrity' in the bible too?! :D


As for the chests I know first play I took loads of time cause I'd have to fight for an hour to get a dozen Gauntlets and Vambraces and the like then I'd get em all together and combine em into something like a Tilt Glove that's only a couple of points higher on one body location. I think at the time I was getting assraped for damage so I thought I'd level up my gear, got a bit obsessive at it and spent hours on combining.


This time round I can't be arsed, if I win equipment in a fight, I just combine it if I can at the next workshop, and if the parts don't add up to better equipment I chuck it in the container and forget about it. And by the time I get round to combining again and think, 'maybe I could use that piece I put away' it's normally obsolete, too many levels down from the current stuff you win.


When you get back to it, lemme know where you're at in the game, I probably won't go near it next till the weekend anyway...

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