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The new format for music


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Nothing but goodness from Qwantz tonight. Check this out, its another game for the music forum!


Here is the Ghostbusters theme song in list format.


* Things I ain't afraid of:

o no ghost


* Strange things in the neighbourhood (partial list):

o seeing things running through head

o invisible man sleeping in bed


* Things that make me feel good:

o bustin'


* Who you gonna call:

o Ghostbusters

o I can't hear you

o Louder


Just in case you're not convinced that practically any song can be done in this brave new format, another sample from said LJ link:


* Things across which Daddy has flown:

o the ocean


* Things which Daddy has left behind for me:

o a memory

o unknown


* Things which we don't need:

o no education

o no thought control

o no dark sarcasm in the classroom


* Conditions in which teachers are requested to leave them/us kids:

o alone


* Things the having of which is dependent upon the eating of meat:

o pudding


* Things which I don't need:

o no arms around me

o no drugs to calm me

o anything at all


* Things which I have seen:

o the writing on the wall


* Things which, all in all, are or were just bricks in the wall:

o it

o you


Alright, GO!

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