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Ok fellas, this is it. The greatest battle (royale) between the of the greatest. Only to decide who is the best of the best. Who's stronger, faster and has better techniques.


On one corner whe have: The famous Hitokiri Battousai -A.K.A. Kenshin Himura- with his great Hitten Mitsurugi Ryu.



On the red corner is the one eyed ronin Manji (from Blade of the inmortal). This guy doesnt hesitate when it comes to killing some bad guys (and good ones as well :2T: ).



Finally, we have one of the greatest ones! Takezo Shinmen A.K.A. Musashi Miyamoto. This guys dominated all the styles and different schools of his era. Hes a bad ass samurai...





So... if these mighty warriors crossed swords, who do you think is gonna survive?

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