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I didnt know where to post this 1 but I just wanted to know if any o u guys are doin this thing... Its simply a regiment with all the planning taken out for u so you can get str8 to the insanity.

Theres the regiment, the diet plan, the schedule everything is included.. its supposed to get u lookin super $%@)#$%*@ sickly good in 90 days or ur $ back (good thing I never paid for it ;)

Regardless i remained faithful to it and Im gettin pweddy good results i must say (im ending my 6th week)


So.. since im goin insane cuz im a gym rat and i barely have time for it this is what i challenge myself with (1.5 hr a dayof insane exercise). anyone want this thing lemme know and ill gladly give you da linx :sarcasm:

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huh. im on a really specific regiment at the moment 'cause of fire academy prep - had to drop most strength training except for legs, and focus on weighted cardio at the moment, but once my test's done at the end of the month, ill be back to regular strength & cardio. Ive been beating up my liver taking too much protein, but its hard to add/maintain weight with my metabolism & cardio needs.


so yeah, always down to see something new, link away man. im still hoping to clear 170 with 12% body fat or less by the year's end, but if i get another academy like im hoping, ill likely have to try again next year.

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