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I feel these two genres should have their own seperate topics, given they're pretty different entities to each other, i like both however, moreso towards the goa techno end of jungle however.


I feel too if you're gonna throw dnb up there, you should give a shout out to breakbeat, they're pretty similar.

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don't like it - and those videos i've posted are 100% shit


last one's just amen break and occasional bass


only dnb/jungle i like is:


roni size - new forms

goldie - timeless


i like that drill n bass/idm stuff like aphex twin, squarepusher, flashbulb, venetian snares, autechre, etc

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well i think vsnares is overrated because of that szaamar whatever hungarian album, which was shit as an overall album. yet his better more 'breakcore' work doesn't get the rep it deserves. again, surprised you claim to like vsnares because now being 100% serious that guy does put noise into his tunes. he's got loads of shit, how much've you heard?


squarepusher is really jazzy and he has the whole fretless bass thing going on (hear he's shit live). i agree with my friend; although SP is dope as hell, and probably the finest at what he does - his albums don't just work as a whole. i think that's the thing when you get artists like this. trying to take what they can from jungle and drum and bass, straying away from the amen break, incorporating classical and jazz into their tunes.. you know, it's more of an eclectic sound. the thing is, where's the focus? they get quite experimental and because it's electronica, there's no limits.


amon tobin is another jazz-influenced guy. he comes from brazil which is interesting... but this guy can't even seem to make an actual tune that has any direction. i do like some of his stuff though. brickolage (iirc) was alright


it's strange how the more 'sophisticated' artists that are based in jungle and dnb get dubbed as 'drill n bass'. electronica (whatever sub-genre you wish to look at) is so vast and offers so much variety it's a shame people would hear shit like the videos in my first post and completely ignore the whole genre because of that. after all, you hear those tunes and then compare them to that squarepusher song on the Lost In Translation soundtrack and you realise something's just not right


check out The Flashbulb, totally rips off squarepusher and aphex twin, but hey, it's electronica - impossible to sound the same at that level

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I've heard most of vsnares stuff, again, elements of noise, but not the full on ear bleeding cacophny that you've unleashed in the noise thread. But i don't agree with your thoughts on tobin, his direction in tracks is very subtle, but i do feel they very much have a direction.



i'm very tempted to start a gabba thread, but i'm nearly certain i'd be its only fan

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