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I'M CALM, no honestly, I'm ok, its just I lost my FUCKING PS MEMORY CARD, no biggy, heh, heh, nothing much on there, just the Vagrant Story game I'd spent OVER A 100 HOURS AT!! :dissappointed:


I shit you not, I can't find the memory card which probably has more save data on but specifically my VS game with 3 maybe 4 completions, an Ultimate Arbalest crossbow which took me....well I don't know exactly how long it took me to make but since I'd no quick-fire pad took repetitive button-bashing on training dummies for as long as it took me to read half of Homer's 'The Odyssey', so does that count as a while?


It's probably for the best (stay...calm), with that game nothing could kill me and I could one-hit-kill most anything, and one-chain-kill most bosses so I can play thru again with some challenge at least....BUT FUCK IT I'M PISSED!!


Heh, heh, well uh, thanks for listening, or ignoring, just needed to get that off my chest, I'm ok now, no really. :wary:

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I sympathize, KOS.

When i first came to college, i had a "Mega Memory Card" for PlayStation, by some unkown company or another, with a trustworthy name like "Mad Katz".  

Thing was 20 cards in one ( ! ) so i shouldve been wary, plus it was used...but it worked fine, so long as you didnt put it in or take it out while the system was on, 'cause for some retarded reason, that was its command to format all the damn cards.

Lo and behold, i moved in with Spiffytee ( :wasabi: ), and after thorougly explainin the delicate situation, the card was DOA within less than 2 months time, as were all my save files from such fine RPGs as FF VII, Suikoden, Vandal Hearts, not to mention my astonishing 830 somethin victories with Armor King in Tekken 2.... :dissappointed:

Memory loss sucks, and i know firsthand how hard you mustve worked for that Vagrant Story equipment, so im really sorry for yer loss, here's to hopin it turns up somewhere intact.  :dcecil:

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Sorry to hear your tale of woe, 20 cards worth of RPGs! And yours were lost with no hope of recovery! :dissappointed:


The one I lost was a 4-in-1 which thankfully never had a problem up until its last known use and I'm unsure as to what else is on there. I've already turned over any places where it's likely to be, I'll have to give up and hope I come across it by chance at a later date. ???

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Well I still haven't found it, but I think its for the best, I went back to Vagrant Story as a newbie again and I'm enjoying going thru it again. If I'd my 'kill fucking everybody' game I'd get to see all the cutscenes in a few hours but having to get past the challenge of enemies/bosses makes the cutscenes better when I get to em, I guess because I've earned them. :approve:


Still want to find that memory card, a lot of work went into it, but if I don't find it its not the end of the world, right? :D

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