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First time going to OurReality LAN Party Jan 5th, about 60 people were there, runnning some serious/fun tourneys, Rocket Arena 3 and Counter-Strike.  I miss the Rocker Arena 3 Tourney, doh, cause I was being a computer technician, fixing people computer problems, but me and my bud and some strangers, even though we both made a drastic difference, we won the CS Tourney, free bawls drinks.




Leland (Black Jacket, Left Side of Pic) and DieHard (Favorite Everlasting White T-Shirt)



I finally went to Red-Eye LAN Party Feb 1st; about 30 people, meet Trench, Woody, and MrFSU; played Quake3, Medal of Honor, and watch funny videos.


No Pics, doh.


Second time going to OurReality LAN Party March 2nd, brought 3 my buds with, could of have 2 more, but coundn't make it.  They runned a new Tourney: Wolf, awarding free bawls and Wolf Everglide Mouse Pads, and another new Tourney: Q3A FreezeTag.  My buds and I so weren't prepare for Wolf, but won 1 game, but ah well.   FreezeTag, won very close, even though we weren't prepared for also, but cause its Q3A, we came in 2nd place.  We could of beat them, just another round with them.  Well, I'm pretty proud of my team cause 3 of them are full time CounterStrike players, not Quake.  All Tourney were running 4 teams of 5.  It was fun, even though I wanted RA3 Tourney, cause I miss it last time, but its all good.






Coming up LAN Party, Red-Eye, March 15, hope I can make it.


Thanks goes to Nick, Miranda, and Yahve for showing me the way :p


One More, also a Level Designer, it made into the WFA Official List, my latest map:






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damn Will, looks like youre havin a good time.  Howre the Red Eye guys? Theyre good guys. Lemme know if ya get any more cool shit, still havin fun with your "Cyk's freestyle" over here.

Never heard of that other LAN but it sounds pretty cool....you hear bout the computer Tim (Mulan's other brother) got? Freakin thing's got a DVD burner, ya need to check it out...

hope to see ya soon Will, take it easy man.

PS That level looks pretty cool, show me the rest of it sometime.

PPS Yahven move this thread into Q32DM4 The Edge when ya get a chance if its alright, want TD, Chief & others to see it down there.

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Congrats William for getting into UCF's Computer Programmig thingy.  I'm really happy that you are going to a good school and that you can finally be rid of the eternal babysitting.  I'm glad that :D could direct  you to RED-eye.  


Hey when are you coming home anyways.  Your family misses you.  And tim's new computer is beyond words.  Hey I got one.   "It's not fair!!"   ???

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