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Freedom Force on Shelves today!


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Also, just FYI... on the Freedom Force website, they're offering a Character Tool utility which allows you to view the character body types that will be in the game, as well as create skins for that character.


Yes, skins can be imported into the game.  Nick, you may very well get the chance to (with patience) create your own X-Men team.

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Ok, here's my review of Freedom Force & some additional FYI.


Overall, this game completely rocks.  The entire package is extremely well developed and tons of fun.  Let me break it down for you, and yes, there *may* be some spoilers


1)Gameplay:  This is a squad-based RTS based around superheroes.  Your view is pretty much from top-down, although you can zoom in & out as well as pan around on your group of characters to watch them in action.  Fighting is a little complicated at first, then becomes second nature.  You end up using the spacebar alot tho, which is pause.


Basically, you wanna kick the patutie out of the guy in front of you, select your player with the number key & right click on the enemy, a drop down opens up, the game pauses for a sec, you choose your attack & he does it.  A quicker way is to simply left click on the enemy, but your player will perform a default attack instead of one you personally selected.  Another advantage of right-click, is that you can see how resistant the enemy is to your attack before commiting.  It will definitely take you a few missions before you can REALLY get the hang of fighting in a group & what attacks complement what other attacks & so forth.


The majority of the game is single player, although there is an overIP multiplayer section for up to 4 seperate 4 man teams.  The game provides a character utility to skin your own characters over pre-loaded frames, while the in-game editor allows you to manipulate your new hero to fit into your story.  "Hey, I'll make some super-God character who'll do EVERYTHING"  Well, fine, but to use a character you have to EARN Prestige points enough to BUY the character, and the better he is, the more he costs, so you probably will never get to afford him during your single player game.  Reccommened to make a few chars that are average so you'll be able to use them in-game.  


Traits for your characters can be positive or negative.  EX)  You can create someone who's physically superior (positive, raises Prestige Price), but that same person can be extremely slow (negative, makes character cheaper)  Thus you can deck your char out with several great skills, and then put that char at a slight disadvantage with some negative traits to make it fair.


2)Presentation:  This shines above many games I've seen in a long time.  The graphics during game play are exceptional and transition b/w CGmovie & game play is seamless.  The story is extremely well written with it's fare share of ups & downs, you will be laughing the entire first 1/2 of the game at how well done it was, tho the story gets more serious as you progress.  As a player, you truly feel immersed in the game & in the lives of the characters.  There are still 1 or 2 bugs I've come across during movie-gameplay transition, but they've been no big deal, this is one game that hit the shelves WITHOUT needing any patching, a rarity in PC gaming.


Well worth the $30 some bucks.  Great game, I really hope Irrational Games plans to expand on the game & the idea.  Would be nice to see them move this engine out of the 60's Silver Age style comics & into a newer style.

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Guest Yahve

A great solid game with an insanely high fun factor, i find myself laughing along at the dialogue and the animations hehe  A++

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Forget all the crap I had talked about this game way back... this is one of the only titles I can remember, besides Rainbow 6 and Quake2, that rocked IGN with a score of over 90.


Since its release, they've built a large patch which updates some minor bugs and allows you to practice in a "Danger Room" type arena against enemies of your choice. This game kicks way too much ass to mention.

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You know, i think i was waitin to see if this one hit consoles i guess, but then again none of my post-Dreamcast ones go online for me. Chiefy, on my 733 MHZ with 256RAM or so, Voodoo 3, how well would i run this thing? I dont do PC games much these days outside of Little Fighter 2, need to make HD space before i think bout it...

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I play on a PIII 600 w/ 256MB SDR RAM. The only thing is that I play it with a GeForce FX w/ 64MB of DDR RAM, and its fast as hell w/ almost no lag.


Raw speed wise, you'll be fine. The only problem I see with your computer is the voodoo3. It will play, mind you, but it won't be too pretty. When you start working, it might be a good idea to get yourself a little GeForce 2, 3, or 4 MX model. They run really cheap and go from 32 -> 128MB of SDR or DDR RAM from $30 -> $70 bucks. Check www.newegg.com or www.pricewatch.com for best deals.


PS - Went looking for Marvel& DC characters to download... got me a Wolvie in the gold & blue outfit. :D

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