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Yes, that's right, in addition to many other good moves, genius Marvel CEO Joe Quesada (artist/writer as well) decided to let fans read back issues of popular books online, figurin this'd be the best ad possible.  It worked: Ultimate Spider-Man sales alone are through the roof.

Anyway, theyre postin Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men, Incredible Hulk, and Elektra, up to their last month or so's issue, all for free.  Check em out, theyre all good books (didnt go for Elektra m'self, but the others are great).

Marvel dot.comics, read Marvel online free


PS two notes: 1 - there will be ads, just give em a second and you can move on.  2 - You need shockwave, an interent program many webisites use these days; if your Internet Explorer is anywhere near recent, youve prolly already got it.  Its free as well.

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Hulk trade's a good idea, you saw me pay $5 at the con for that one issue, and i still cant find the other 2.  No doubt a TPB'll appear within a month's time of the first story arc's end.

Lemme know bout Ultimate Spidey, i garuntee you wont be disappointed; there's a reason that book sells as well as it does, and im happy Marvel made sure others can still read early issues, thats seriously fuckin cool of em.  Folks like Artistic here have been takin advantage of that for a while now, and all it seems to do is sell the book even more.

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