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Books i wanna know more about.


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Just lookin to hear a synopsis/selling of (ie, the cool shit) certain books Wizard & others rave on about but ive never managed to read any of.


-Hard Boiled: Supposedly a great action book by immortal Frank Miller; anythin to do with the great action flick, or...?

-Hellboy: This one's all over the place, i dont know dick about it, feel like im left out at the comic con's.  

-Mage: Another with a huge cult followin; ive seen other stuff by Matt Wagner & liked the guy, anyone read any of this book?

-Starman: This one raised some waves years back, dont know why.

-Usagi: Looks like the ninja bunny from Ninja Turtles...Wizard cant hype him enough, but i cant find a good jump-on book.

-100 Bullets: Picked up the first 3 issues or so, didnt hook me...am I really missin out here?

-Mircale Man: Alan Moore + Neil Gaiman's legendary, hard-to-find seires of twenty somethin issues, i believe.  Im still waitin on the TPB (trade paperback), i hear Marvel's gettin closer.

-Lone Wolf & Cub: Along with Blade of the Immortal, two samurai books i heard lots about, picked up a lil but its in-between stuff so it dont help.

-Smaller press stuff: Hate!, Pedro & Me (the guy from "Real World", heard it was good), Fax From Sarajevo, Flinch, Minimum Wage, Kane.

Also, finally picked up TPB of the first books of Authority, gonna see if it lives up to the hype - A JLA book written by Warren Ellis cant be bad, i figure.

Anyway, if anyone round here reads these books, lemme know how they are/whats a good startin point if the 1st few issues arent in trade.

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Don't have time to do a new review now, at the time of this one I was up to #8, I'm up to #17 now and it's still good.



Note to anyone who doesn't know what I'm on about:

Lone Wolf and Cub is a Japanese comic set in feudal times from the 70's currently being printed in English by Dark Horse. Each volume is about 300 pages and they cost US$9.95/IR£8.50/UK£???.


It's about samurai Ogami Itto, former Kogi Kaishakunin (the Shogun's official executioner, a coveted position) who, after being framed as a traitor by the Yagyu Clan who wanted his position, becomes an assassin with his three-year-old son Daigoro in tow, going by the name "Lone Wolf and Cub", until he can claim vengeance on the Yagyu.


While the story is fictional, the comic reads as an illustrated history lesson and is famous for its historical accuracy with a great emphasis on the codes of honour back then. If you're not sure you want a history lesson, don't worry though, there's shitloads of killings (classic quote by Ogami when trapped, to his captors: "I'll kill until my blades are forever stained red! I'll build a mountain of corpses!" ). Oh, and there's some scenes with Daigoro that if you're not moved emotionally in at least some way, then you have no heart!


Highly recommended.



It's getting pretty damn good IrishC, I think that's volume 1 you've got (I leant 1-4 to a friend so I'm not sure). The stories have changed a bit from the first few where the assassination plots were more elaborate so some of the later stories are kind of deadweight with Ogami Itto just saying "Assassin, Lone Wolf and Cub, I come for you" and killing whoever.


For the most part though the stories are good with plenty of stories involving the Yagyu Clan, some great ones centred on Daigoro and how his father's actions influence his outlook on life and his actions and it's getting interesting now (just read as far as the end of volume 8 at this point) cos there's stories that involve Ogami dealing with the repurcussions of former assassinations.


With what I've read so far I'm pretty sure I'm gonna keep going till volume 28. I can't wait to see what the next addition to the battlepram's gonna be!

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Thanks again for the help, KOS.

Anyone else out there read Hellboy, Starman, Mage, etc?  Any other fans of Azzarello's 100 Bullets, or know what the hype is around Miracle Man?  Goddamn Todd McFalrane, he's the reason i cant read that one.

I hear Luis is on the board now, havent seen him yet.  I've gotta get Alex here one day too, maybe some more Preacher folk outta hopes someone's read these apparently obscure books.

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what I've heard is that Todd promished the rights to MM to Neil when he created Angela for spawn He since then renegged on the deal and was planning to put MM in Spawn but Neil has got the lawers in to fight him





also I've read all the above and Starman is another mag i really miss

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right here goes Starman is the story of Jack just a normal guy the only problem is the family are superheroes so after his brother gets shot he has to become the Starman it's set in opal city it's a mix of fortys and moden life he goes on lots of adventers and It's got to be one of the best over the last ten years that my friends is the basics of the story if you want more go buy it  :D

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Prolly a dumb question, but is Hard Boiled anythin like the John Woo movie?  I know its Miller, so its black & white and lots o' guns an such most likely, but just wonderin....the only book i read of his that got a lotta hype that i wasnt big on was Ronin...it was interestin, but not what i expected.

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