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Fin's Offseason '09

Ron Hightower

Miami Dolphin's offseason.  

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No you don't, you do something BIG when your a couple of pieces away from making a real run at the SB but we are still a year out from that, so once again you'll see them rebuilding this team the right way, through the draft and not giving up pieces for that "big" players, next though .... we might see something big.

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if only we could have gotten a real quarterback after Marino left. Fiedler wasnt it. We still had Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor for a good while, a decent quarterback would have set the tone for years to come. Oh well... all I can continue to do is say go fins!

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Fielder really gets a bad rap when he shouldn't, look he's not the worlds greatest qb mind you but he wasn't bad by any streach either, he was pretty decent and he took us the playoffs which is more then I can say for many other qb's. He was a real qb just not a great one and lets be honest who's really gonna compare to marino? he was amazing and expecting another one just like him was never going to happen.

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I disagree. Sure, Fiedler was given the task of replacing Marino, which makes any QB look like an ant, but Fiedler had a good wideout crew, very good line, and a near great defense carrying him, especially LB and CB/Safety backfield off the chain. If he didn't make it to the playoffs, then hes just simply an asshole. After Marino left, and the Ricky Williams issues a couple of years after, names started falling like leaves.


If you cant make it to the playoffs with the team listed below, you are a shit quarterback. Not replacing Marino with a good quarterback, is what began the downfall. Fiedler was a 2 out of 5 at best. A 3 or 4 out of 5 is where you start carrying a team as a leading QB.


2000 Miami Dolphins


Head Coach: Dave Wannstedt


C Jason Andersen

DE Trace Armstrong

C John Bock

DT Tim Bowens

DE Lorenzo Bromell

RB Autry Denson

T Mark Dixon

T/G Kevin Donnalley

FB Deon Dyer

WR Bert Emanuel

QB Jay Fiedler

S Arturo Freeman

WR Oronde Gadsden

LB Scott Galyon

CB Trent Gamble

DE Daryl Gardener

TE Hunter Goodwin

DT Ernest Grant

DT Jermaine Haley

LB Michael Hamilton

LB Tommy Hendricks

CB Ray Hill

QB Damon Huard

G Heath Irwin

LB Larry Izzo

CB Greg Jeffries

RB J.J. Johnson

LB Robert Jones

CB Ben Kelly

RB/FB Rob Konrad

TE Brody Liddiard

CB Sam Madison

K Olindo Mare

S Brock Marion

WR Tony Martin

WR O. J. McDuffie

DE Kenny Mixon

WR Jeff Ogden

DE Rich Owens

TE Ed Perry

LB Derrick Rodgers

C Tim Ruddy

LB/DE Twan Russell

CB Terrance Shaw

WR Leslie Shepherd

G/T Brent Smith

RB Lamar Smith

CB Patrick Surtain

DE Jason Taylor

RB Thurman Thomas

LB Zach Thomas

P Matt Turk

T Todd Wade

S Brian Walker

TE Jed Weaver

T Richmond Webb

S/CB Kevin Williams

CB Jerry Wilson

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