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Judge Tampering at the Olympics


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I know that I'm gonna get flamed for this later, but Nick encouraged me to go ahead with this topic.  I've been watching the winter olympics...yes i know it's gay.  Anyways the pairs skating competition on Monday was a huge scandal...and I know that the media probably blew it out of proportion. But I seriously believe that the Canadian pair won the Gold medal because they skated a clean program and the Russians didn't.  The guy fell for god's sake.  Anyways.  What do you think about this judge tampering thing?  For all those who don't know...it's been alleged that the french judge was asked to vote for the russian pair over the canadians in exchange for a favorable french vote in the ice dancing competition.  So Nick brought up so pressure via the russian mafia and I was wondering if anyone else thinks that this is also possible?  


Anyways...they IOC  didn't necessarily overturn the judges votes....but decided to award a second gold medal to the candian pair.  But didn't take the gold away from the russians.  So what do you think about that too?  The russians are obviously pissed cause there is no precendent for this kind of thing.  


Alright....time for Mulan to run and hide!!!


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The Russians are pissed 'cause their mafia could pull of this rig.

Im no fan of the olympics - the hairs on my neck stand up when dumbasses call olympic athletes "heroes" when theyve done jack shit for others - but this part is unbearable, almost as much as the "queer on ice" openin ceremony that Mulan submitted me to.  :plain:

The Russians dont deserve a gold if they didnt win fair.  Fuck em, they get the silver, take back the gold, done deal. "Well, there's no precedence for an error in Olympic judges"...yeah, well there is now, so lets get it over with before it happens again, and it will.  I dont follow: who the hell ever said the Olympic pane is infalable? Im with Octodius here, thats a very stupid assumption.

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