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  1. Oh where do i sign those blue eyes alone do it for me
  2. Absolutely LOVE board games they are so much FUN... Wii Sports Resort, Wii Mario Kart, MORTAL KOMBAT X-Box-LOVE, Zumba Dance-great workout haha!
  3. I'll settle for either ... he was yummy though
  4. I'm not a cryer or get emotional for movies at all..i've been known to have no heart and thats fine....but my i've seen once and will ball like a baby if i see again ...P.S. I LOVE YOU ..i want someone to love me after they die y not i think i'm worth it
  5. Haha! YES Taj Gibson ...bulls exercise fourth yr option ....if we can only get rid of Boozer life would be sweet
  6. I just threw the rock in for flavor ....he's all yours baby girl ...I LOVE THE ME THE WHITIES
  7. you always hurt the ones you love ...... haha!
  8. [/img] I'LL TAKE EITHER ONE ...DAMN Cutie I SSOOOOOO WANT HIM ...JUST FOR ONE NIGHT too bad this cutie wasn't into girls ...still nice to look at
  9. DAMN YOU ...DAMN YOU .... HELL you just ruined all my fantasies.. thanks Panch
  10. I'm so with you Aarty i thought that movie was pretty funny .. his other one Gameplan was good too ... Then again i will watch anythin with the ROCK
  11. Well played Star Billie Holiday is AWESOME ... her voice is so relaxin... shes the type you listen to sittin by the pool with lemonade ahhhh But i'm currently cleanin the house so we are goin with : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utS7pafg6BU
  12. is it so hard to be honest?

    1. The NZA

      The NZA

      Yes. everything i say is a lie.

      (if the preceding statement is truth, it is also a lie).

    2. eli12


      at least your HONEST about lying :) cant fault ya then


  13. FU** i wanna change my name too except no religion behind mine..... lets see.... SexAngel sweet there we go He's LOST it from way back LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBx8LSwqRpE&feature=related
  14. was like watchin a james bond movie with a few funny one liners... over all 2 thumbs up
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