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  1. Other issues popped up tonight, had to get ahold of tech support. They fixed it within hours. Icons are back, things seem faster, you can actually see the front page when you're not logged it.


    I'll check out working on themes whenever I get done with some stuff in the next couple weeks.

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  2. Default one is the one I'm on and everything (aside from the god damn icons) is here. Discord's on there (when it's working), even the message up top is there. It just looks like butt. I have no idea why everything got so slow all of a sudden - that has nothing to do with the themes.


    Edit: I would switch your theme to IPS default.


    Edit edit: I would say "fuck it" as far as the themes go. The biggest issue for me is the speed.

  3. 4 hours ago, the division of joy said:

    I'm getting an odd thread summary box in the top right of any given thread I'm in. I'm unsure how I feel about this at this stage of my life.

    Yeah, and like, I haven't figured out how to get rid of that yet, either

  4. Hey guys, I broke everything again.


    Okay, so Invision broke everything again, and I'm just trying to fix it. Currently we're back to the stock theme, but I'll try to reroll the Hondo's themes over the weekend. Also, most of our icons are gone on EVERY theme, and I have no idea why - that looks like a random bug in the software, because it's like, even the twitter logo is gone at the bottom?


    I'm working on it.


    Edit: Upon further investigation, maybe not COMPLETELY broken, just the front page of most themes. Icon are still gone tho

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  5. I'm mostly buying limited shit, or niche videogame soundtracks I want when they pop up for preorder. I've got a copy of the Untitled Goose Game soundtrack on the way, because I couldn't live without that. These days, it's basically things that catch my eye.


    Also, the Jazz Daredevil albums by H. Jon Benjamin are far too funny to go without


  6. 2 hours ago, Axels said:


    Edit: Wait you custom ordered that, or like made it yourself? More details pls!

    I supplied the art / audio files / tracklist / etc, and found someone that would cut the record and put everything together for me.




    It wasn't cheap, but I've wanted something like this for as long as I can remember - it's literally the only one that exists. I've thought about doing a similar thing for Final Fantasy X, but I can't find high enough quality audio

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    The art is AI upscaled from screenshots in the game + touch ups / layouts from me. Tracklist was curated by me. 100% one of a kind





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    This album is fucking KILLER on vinyl, if you ever get the chance. This is more "Darkwave" than anything, but it's an awesome example of that sub-genre

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  9. Cannot wait to show off what I've got coming in the next few weeks, you guys. Putting Honest Uncle Don's Corona-time Funbucks to good use with this one.


    Edit: Should be noted that I really am trying to support small businesses and content creators with my funbucks. We're not hurting right now, so I'm trying to support people / causes / stuff I care about.

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  10. 5 hours ago, Mr. Hakujin said:

    Um, never mind. I can see the messages, but it wants me to login to discord to participate. Eh...

    Guest posting should be coming soon. They had to rework that whole system just to get this part working.

  11. 1 hour ago, the division of joy said:

    Also, buy turnips for 109. Go to Nooks Cranny the next day. 55 and then 58. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Happened to me last week. Bought in at 96, and they dropped to 35 by Tuesday. Had a spike on Wednesday and sold for 145. It'll get better, hopefully


    Also just checked my prices: Bought in at 94, down to 83. Yay...

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