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team fortress 2


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were mostly console loving bitches, but there's a lotta PC kids about.


i played it on 360 Live for a few months, which is big for me since i dont do shooters online much - and yeah, i know why its a waste to play it without updates/user content on PC blah blah fuckoff - it was fun and pretty well balanced, but my live ran out and i didnt like paying for online. i renewed it on an awesome deal recently, but unless valve updates the classes like theyre saying they will, i dunno that ill go back. C_U_Space Cowboy was all on this game as well before.


what class you use? i sucked with sniper, but got good with engineer and spy. i wanted to try the heavy more, but nobody wanted to be medic.

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what's the new mode? and im on your team, calling dibs now!


i had fun playing as a spy, and engineer sometimes too. other times id try medic but i didnt know the level layout so good...i dug the other classes that allowed for those of us who suck at fighting though, haha.

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Heres Star to explain the new mode called Special Delivery - Doomsday, wich is a little bit like Capture The Flag, but different...



And talking about this guy Star, he makes me laugh with his uploads...



Mmmm... The classes that im really good at are: Engineer, Medic, Pyro, Heavy, Spy, Sniper and Demoman (in that order). Im trying to get better at killing people with the scout and i really suck at rocket jumping.

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