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Is there a Doctor in the house?

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This thread is mainly if you have curiosities on something going on medically. Obviously you should go see an actual doctor in any event of worry, but I've been scouring the net to self diagnose a few things, or at least get an awareness for some stuff going on... And I figured 'hey, what the hell! Lemme ask of you cool cats' because I know a lot of you are quite savvy in the ways of medical-ness.


So if you have any medical questions and would like a point in the right direction or whatevs, ask your questions here for other members to give their feedback. Again it's always best to see your doctor, of course.


I have a few questions that I'm hoping for feedback on, or maybe a point in the right direction, but I'll have to add them later. I'm being beckoned, lol.



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Ok, so the questions I had originally made this thread for have cleared up. Haha (I'm so paranoid about shit with my body, it's ridiculous).


But now I have a new issue. Every time I step, turn, move a certain way I get this pain in my lower left... stomach/abdomen region? Cj says gas (ha, but it's not like gas pain) or pulled muscle or some shit. Started out dull last night, gotten to where it hurts more now. Kind of like a burning soreness. Has anyone ever gotten this before?

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