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Comparison For The Next Generation Console Systems


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Few thoughts...

1) The Gamecube does, in fact, support HDTV.


2) Spiffy is a crazy guy with a hard-on for #'s. Ill say again: they mean nothing. Nothing at all.

Remember when the SNES had its hey-day? It was being housed, processor wise, by the Sega-CD, Turbografx Duo, 3DO, Atari Jaguar, and Phillips CD-I. So why'd it kick all their asses as bad as it did? It had the right third-party companies: Konami, Capcom, Square, EA, Namco, etc. Not to mention their strong 1st-party lineup, includin Mario World, Zelda: Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Mario Kart, etc.

Take a look at Spiffy's list, but dont be a sucker: #'s dont matter with consoles, the programmers do. If there's any doubt, go back & play FF IX or any of the beautiful last-genereation PlayStation 1 games, and remember: that system had 33mhz and a meg or two of RAM under the hood.


Still, the links are helpful, thanks Spiffy...off to check out them PS2 mods, but i fear there's still no external, so my PS1 burns are gonna collect dust a lil longer...

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PS2 games come in 2 formats:


CD-Rom & DVD-Rom


Each original PS2 disc will have either CD-Rom or DVD-Rom stamped on the disc lable and printed on the covers another way to tell is by lookin at the bottom of the disc, a PS2 Cd-Rom is blue and a PS2 DVD-Rom is silver.


At present only EASport CD-Rom titles are protected and depending on which chip you have you may need to patch these titles.


To copy a PS2 CD-Rom title is the same as copying a PSX title so any our PSX copying guides will work.

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Hmm...not a bad method Spiffy, looks not-to-terribly hard to undo if need be, pretty cool.


Yeah, what you said bout the CD-ROMs should be true, but i dont think that'll last for long, seems like most new games are DVD format, arent they? Even Dreamcast GD-ROMs got cracked, but we always had to dowload em to make em fit on a disc...im curious to see if anyone outside of Hong Kong has cracked Gamecube discs. Its a shame the standard new game price went back up to $50, seemed like it was $40 or so for a a while.

So, whaddya think? I figure, another couple years, tops, DVD-writers will become cheaper (actually, theyre not so bad, i think its the blank DVD's that hurt), then this wont be an issue, at least for PS2 anyway.

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it's true, most of the cool games are in dvd format mgs2 and gt2. those are copied using some kind of dvd method i'm sure. there are other games that aren't dvd based - you'd be suprised. somewhere in those articles too - it mentions the fact that when you boot a dvd ps2 game, you will need an original of greater size. gt2 is a relatively small dvd based game compared to the others, so you will need to boot with something else.

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btw, my co-worker tells me that gamecube has many, many measures against pirarcy. even that little disc holding over a gig of info makes me wonder how anyone could do it. whats the skinny on these chinese guys? seems like they think they're some kind of rebels, soo cool and stylish. Take a look at that guy; what's his name? CHOW YUN FAT.

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Haha...you almost went a whole thread without mention Chow Yun Fat, gun god.

I hear Gamecube's anti-piracy is insane; remember, that's one of the reasons Yamanunchi (former Nintendo president) wanted to keep usin cartridges when it seemed foolish to do so.

At least with Dreamcast's GC-ROM's, the physical size was the same. Being that this is Nintendo's first next-gen console with discs, i imagine the next few systems down the line wanna keep this format, to build a library (the way Sony is doing with the Playstation; keep em backward-compatible, and you appease a lot of people). So anyway, give it time, youll slowly hear of more people with the hardware to do it here in the states, but just like when you & I went lookin for PSX burns back in the day, the technology will trickle down our way dead last or so, i imagine. :(

"Excuse me, me & my roomate here live in the next apartment complex over, and noticed you were playin Playstation. Would you happen to know where we could find burned games?" "What, are you guys feds or somethin?"

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of the 7 versions of ps2, i have a v4. the article above lists how to check what version ps2 it is.


this means that i can use the no solder v4, v5, v6 neokey. now, gotta think about the plunge - $80+ smakers. decisions decisions....


so it's true that those guys in china are making gamecube backups?

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Some info for Spiffytee @ Gamecube mods, or the lack thereof. Taken from random HK website:


Talking to a friend in hong kong, a soon to be released shell for the gamecube will allow the machine to play standard size dvd's. The price of this new shell? I don't know.

However, this does not mean it will play backups of your games or allow you to play dvd movies like the panasonic Q! The main reason for this is that the gamecube uses a special burning method only patented by nintendo and a special laser reader.

The panasonic Q has two types of laser heads in the machine, one for dvd movies and the othr for its special propriety dvds.


The device they mentiond, the Q, is Panasonic's DVD/gamecube system, only found in Japan (dont know if it made euro or not). Here's a rundown on it from another random website:





The ultimate Panasonic Gamecube. This one is modified to play japanese and american software, and also plays DVDs of region 1-6, NTSC and PAL, as well as NTSC/PAL DVD silvers and NTSC/PAL VCD originals and backups (both silvers and CD-R)! Additionally an MP3 playback function is included. This is the newest modification without any external switch anymore, you can access everything with the push of a button.

- japanese version

- default english on-screen-display

- features all outputs, including modem/BBA slot etc., like the official Gamecube

- comes with one joypad, remote control, and all neccessary cables

- playback modes: DVD (NTSC Region 1 - 6), CD, VCD, CD-R, DVD-R, Gamecube (JPN/USA), MP3

- modified to play Gamecube japanese and USA software

- modified to play DVDs of regions 1 - 6 NTSC and PAL, including silvers

- FREE stepdown converter included

The default gaming mode is japanese. By pressing the Reset button for 2 seconds, the machine will automatically switch to american mode. You can choose to reverse this, which means by switching on your Q, it will go directly to the american menu, and by pressing Reset for 2 seconds, it switches to japanese mode. This is interesting for people who mainly play usa software and do not always want to switch modes. Please state which default mode you would like to have when you order.

Due to the modification, the official Panasonic warranty is void. We give a 3 month warranty on the modification and the parts.



So anyway, no backups i can find yet, but that dont mean theyre not out there. Thought youd be interested in those hacks, tho.

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