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For those unfamiliar, What The--?! was a parody book Marvel did around 20 years ago (holyshit...). It reminds me of oldschool Mad, EC.

Anywho, I've been re reading them lately (except issue #3 and #25, which I've never seen. At least not when I was a kid looking for issues of What The--?!) and a lot of the silly nonsense that I remember being hilarious is kind of not, but there's other things that I didn't even comprehend as jokes then that are pretty damn clever. A lot of surprises (Steve Ditko?! John Byrne?! WTF--?!), pretty damn entertaining for a kids book. Double cool if your real familiar with Marvel continuity of the time.




Marvel has started doing these Robot Chicken-esque stop motion shorts using the same name. Marvel Super Heroes™: What The--?!

doesn't really seem to have anything to do with the What The--?! comics of my youth, but I had sort of forgotten they existed before I stumbled across these.




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aw man, i dont know if i still have them or if panch jacked em, but i know i had that Invisible Woman nude one, plus another where :???: is hogging the cover and calling people hosers or something. good times - and yeah, id have to re-read to see if the jokes held up as well.

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