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I originally wanted to make a poll, but my question was too long. Do you think these two games (dave mirra bmx xxx & DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball) will start a trend?


After analyzing the console game market (males 18-34,) game developers are focusing on pushing the edge a different way. We already have GTA3, duke nukem, and conker's bad fur day, what else could they have up their sleeves?


Up and coming games in question - dave mirra bmx xxx & dead or alive: extreme beach volleyball. I just read an article in game informer which gives the basic rundown.


Dave mirra's popular bmx series is outfitted with bmx xxx - formerly known as dave mira's bmx 3. This game is supposed to have mature jokes and themes along a la howard stern show and maxim. i'll save you the time of reading about the jokes they had in the article, cause they were too stern-like. There are also little things like possible mini games of getting fans to flash the player or being able to give the biker a see-through outfit. However, the big thing is that during the game you collect coins in which you can use in "Scores" strip club, where you can unlock dvd rips of strippers.


DOA has similar features, custom bikinis (again possibility of see-through ones,) wet t-shirt, and a possible topless mode. There is also a distraction feature, no details, but one can only guess. Like doa, bmx will also try to "bounce."


Both companies, temco and acclaim are being quite vague to gain hype. Seems like acclaim is pushing the envelope in advertising, as also seen in irish's tombstone post. The coolest thing about this article though are the marketing directors for each company. The best quote being temco's John Inada. "I don't [think there will be a backlash]. I don't like government to begin with, so anything to make them angry [is fine]. Of course, when I say something like that, Sony and Microsoft grab me and tell me to shut up! [laughs]" :D


Anyway, back to what's at hand. Both temco and acclaim feel that nudity can be given a M rating; for AO games don't sell, because no one wants to sell em. Mabye they'll get that M, after all, R rated movies have nudity. But will these two games start a trend? What do you think?

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Wow, i looked it up, and you werent kiddin. Dont know much bout the BMX one, i imainge itll catch a small part of the Tony Hawk crowd.

Dead or Alive's a license that was beggin for some kinda smut-game tho, i guess. If i was to make a prediction....yeah, we'll see more of these types, as PC games have ever since Leisure Suit Larry or so. Thing is, unless there's strong gameplay, its just tits coverin up a crap game. Might as well watch porn; its cheaper. So nah, i dont think these 2 will spawn a whole new smut genre, just a few more nudie easter eggs in other games or somethin. Who knows, maybe MK5 will get those "nudalities" everyone spoke of back in the day. :D



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I never hearda the guy, but people's names get dropped from licenses alla time, usually the other way around - when theyve been controversial themselves.

Sega dropped Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (a cool Genesis game) when the kiddie accusations came up. Nintendo changed "Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!" to just "Punch Out!!" and replaced Mike with Mr Dream when he was convicted for rape.

Hell, there was a while where ever boxer that got a game woudl get his ass kicked soon; Riddick Bowe was champ till his game came out, Buster Douglas lost the blet a week or so after his game. Odd.

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News did a spot on this game yesterday morning...


Honestly from what I say the game blows chunks. Graphics are low end, and the fabled stripper portions looked like something out of an early Sega CD release


I can't imagine the game selling much at all except as a really BAD quality "porn" for some prepubesant kids who can get their older brother to buy it for them and hide it as a game from mom.


Crap games like this really do nothing for the industry at all except wipe out whatever credebility it built up to that point.



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wow... if that's what it turns out to be, it's gonna be really sad. Think about it. What it says is - digital boobies of laura croft and dead or alive beach volleyball are what drive gamers today. i don't see it. How can you drool over this? i could name a few people who drool over anime characters. NOT REAL, people. i'd much rather drool over a pinup of carmen electra or aria giovanni.

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