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Was watching Comedy Central in the morning yesterday, and I started watching this movie I'd never heard of called "Floundering". Wow! Nothing improves my mood like seeing a movie I'd never heard off and being totally surprised by how good it is, and I was in a pretty shitty mood. I went online right after it finished and bought it on DVD. But I was wondering how I had never heard of such a cool, funny, intelligent movie with tons of great social commentary. It was a bit low budget, but seemed like this one should be a cult movie I would have heard of. It is the best social commentary movie I've seen Fight Club.


So I was wondering, has anyone else heard of this? Once I get it on DVD, I'd be happy to lend it out; this movie needs to be seen. I'm particularly interesting in Junker's opinion, mostly because he has more creditiblity around here than everyone else combined as far as movie recommendations go. Take IC for example: like 6 people tell him Spy Kids is really good and he refused to watch it, but Junker praises some Angolian 5 hour independent black-and-white silent film that's only playing on one screen in the whole country, and it happens to be in Wyoming, and IC is at the bus station in 5 minutes. So if I could get Junker to give it the old :approve: , then maybe some of you will end up watching it.


But I digress. So has anyone see this movie?

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Unfortunately, I've never heard of it, I definately know the feeling of catching an completely random movie and having it blow your socks off though. I check up on it on imdb to see if I recognized anyone involed with it, and I certainly don't... from what I read it seems to be along the same lines as Slacker. Any movie that can get this kind of reaction out of someone seems to be worth checking out.


And my reccomendations are only really apreciated in hindsight. I'll try and shove a movie down people's throats for god knows how long (Amelie, who's afraid of virginia woolf?) and when it finally gets seen, then I get props, so basically, my reccomendation means that a movie is gonna be sitting on the shelf for at least two weeks.

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