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Serena Williams US Open loss reviewed


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NEW YORK (AP) - The U.S. Open is reviewing Serena Williams' tirade at a line judge at the end of her semifinal loss to Kim Clijsters.


Tournament spokesman Chris Widmaier said Sunday that officials were watching tapes of what happened Saturday night. The tournament referee, Brian Earley, interviewed Williams and the match's chair umpire before they left the grounds Saturday.

With Williams serving, two points from defeat, a line judge called a foot fault on a second serve. That gave Clijsters a match point. Williams screamed, cursed and shook a ball in the official's direction. Williams was docked a point for unsportsmanlike conduct, ending the match.







Now, she did threaten the line judge, which is wrong and unsportsman like... however, it does not appear that Williams broke the plane. The call seems to be in error, and on top of that, from what I understand, for a foot to line foul to be called, it has to be in excess, not just close or on the line. Also, judge discretion plays in and they are allowed to lax on calls, especially in situational areas. Williams behind in the score, and the call would place it at match point. Seems like the judge got a little too excited. Did Williams get handed a loss for threatening the judge, yes. It appears she said she would shove a racket down her throat. Other youtubes have sound bits of it... well somehow that turned into 'I will kill you', so the ref or judge or someone needs to get their ears checked.


John Mcenroe where are you?!


Congrats to the winner Kim Clijsters, an Aussie who gave birth a year and a half ago... in the finals. Congrats.



reason for edit: forgot that damn HTML bullish, and quit being so nosey.

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